Looking back on 2016 – it’s been a biggie on many levels. I had soo many things written down at the start of this year that I wanted to call in/create/achieve, but things didn’t really go the way I thought they would.

On January 1st, I wrote the word SOAR in the sand and declared it as my theme word for this year, not really knowing what that meant or what it would look like.

At the start of the year I created and launched my first 8 week ecourse, Head to Heart. The process of idea to finished product took about 4months of being in the zone. I learnt how to organise, manage, express my vision, delegate, budget, ask for help, prioritise and get shit done pretty quickly. And then launching a project close to my heart and truly putting myself out there was a whole other level.

I truly learnt about the creative process – writing like a demon when the words were flowing, and pulling back on the days when they just weren’t there and being totally ok with it. I learnt about backing myself and believing in the work that I do, seeing the value in it and not being afraid to share who I am and what I’m here for. This whole process made me stronger in myself, I became clearer in my strengths and also got cozy with the areas that don’t come so naturally to me.

For a long time this year I was judging myself for not being feminine enough – “I need to chill out more”. “I need to be more girly and feminine”, “I need to be more like them”, “I’m not feminine enough, I need to learn how to do my make-up” – until I remembered that being feminine is not just about pink and flowers. It’s also about embodying fierce passion, courage, love and creating from the heart. My natural ability to get shit done, make decisions and take action fast without overthinking it and sitting around writing pro’s and con’s lists for 6months, I’ve now realised is actually a powerful strength of mine. And I love these masculine traits.

They’ve allowed me to co-create my visions into reality and to manifest quickly (because lez be honest – the DOING plays a huge part in the manifesting process. It’s not just a fluffy ‘if it’s meant to happen it will’ gig. You gotta show up for that shiz!). It’s allowed me to move through fears fast rather than sit and stare at them for months thinking they have control over me. And not just that, I’ve seen how quickly my coaching clients have been able to move forward in their fears and reach their goals because together we eliminate the BS, take out the fluff, simplify and focus on the action and allow things to move quickly. What a joy! This isn’t to say I’m not feminine, or that I don’t care about that side of me, but I’m surrendering into and embracing my fiery masculine side, without the judgement.

A few weeks after launching my ecourse I remember lying in bed one night and asking “Ok Universe, what’s next? What would you like me to do?” Thinking I’d be cruising for a while, maybe running a few rounds of my ecourse before anything new… No deal. Straight up I heard the response “It’s time to teach Kundalini Yoga”. I remember the feeling when I heard it, and it wasn’t an instant joy buzz. It was a ‘for fuck sake, haven’t I done enough growing for a while? How the shit am I going to pay for that? I’m not ready. No way, I can’t teach that at LEAST for another few years. I’m not ready. Nope I can’t! Not doing it.”

5 minutes later, 11 o’clock at night mind you, I’d paid the deposit and was enrolled to start training in two months before I could even think twice about it. Becoming a Kundalini Yoga Teacher wasn’t in my plan at all this year, and somehow it just happened. And now I’m teaching and watching students grow and evolve right in front of my very eyes, and it’s a bloody honour to hold the space for people to experience this powerful practice. Better than I could have imagined. I think the Universe must have been laughing that night and thinking “Oh girl, as IF you have a choice in this, you’re going to teach because we need you.”

Despite freaking my shit – I trusted, I allowed, I showed up. This wasn’t part of my plan.

This year I supported Luke in leaving his Full-Time work as an Engineer to start getting serious about his dreams and the vision he wants to co-create for himself, something that wasn’t in our plans for at least another 5 years until we were ready. (LOLZ – ready!) This was the ballsiest decision he’s ever made, despite many not-so supportive opinions from those around him, he chose to back himself anyway. Watching him grow and open up to new possibilities has made our partnership stronger than ever, challenging at times for sure, but so much more frign fun! Getting clearer on the vision and values we want to create for our future family, and being willing to be uncomfortable and tested as we keep believing in and showing up for it has made it the scariest, and most exciting year ever. Not in our plans, but possibly the best thing he’s ever done for his soul.

In March I was honoured to receive the Beautiful You Coaching Academy’s Emerging Coach of the Year Award for 2014-2016 – and I still to this day believe this award was confirmation that I was emerging more as myself, not just as a coach.


I went back to Part-Time work a couple days a week for the first time in a few years. This was not in my plan at all this year, so after letting my ego have a shit fit and bang on about how going back to work meant I’d failed at my dreams because it wasn’t my purpose, it actually did the complete opposite – it helped my creativity and ideas crank up, it supported me to serve more, it connected me with more awesome women and it allowed me to use my skills in other ways to help others. Not in my plan – but wins all bloody round!

Around this time too, I’d been feeling the internal pull to start using Essential Oils in my self-care and spiritual practices. I needed support to keep my vibration clear and high, my immune and nervous systems strong, and my heart open. For so long I rejected them because I didn’t understand their healing powers beyond just smelling amazeballs. Turns out, my body and intuition was calling them in for a reason. And not only was it calling in the oils, it was calling in a whole Sisterhood alongside them, and a platform for me to serve in bigger ways.

My doTERRA vision is not only to help open people’s hearts, raise their vibration and allow people to feel completely supported on all levels (emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, energetically) using these divine oils direct from Mother Earth, but to me, what is bang at the front of my heart is to create everyday, heart-driven teachers.

Because I don’t give a shit if you’re qualified or not. Your qualification, to me, is your heart.

That’s enough. Now you just need to know how to use it, know that you’re enough by being YOU. Maybe you haven’t known how to do that, and I am here to hold the space and co-create the platform for you to spread your heart’s message and get you teaching, serving and contributing beyond what you thought possible.

I’m speaking to women that want to do the work not for the praise or the followers, but because they are born to serve humanity and to elevate others. Women that understand you don’t have to be out on a stage in front of thousands to be one hundred percent in your purpose. Women that are willing to let go of BS stories holding them back, and want to feel passionate and wake up with a purpose again. Women that want to speak up, maybe for the first time, and be a voice for love. Women that believe in collaboration, not competition. Women that came here to create and to serve, and just haven’t had the support to know how to. Women that are frustrated at not serving at their full capacity, yet. Women who are ready to rise, by helping others rise too. Women who know what they want to do, but haven’t currently got the resources to do that at the level they want to, so are open and ready to get their hands dirty, take control and co-create it themselves. Women who are ready to rock their light, not run from it. THAT is who I’m partnering with in 2017 and beyond.

In a few short months we have already welcomed and supported over 120 women into our Sacred Sisterhood. I’ll be sharing a lot more on my vision with you in the new year, and holy moly I’m excited to welcome you on the journey too.

Did I plan on creating an Oily Sisterhood at the start of this year? No bloody way. But I allowed it and trusted. 

Oh and just planting the seed now, I know that I will speak on a doTERRA stage one day about leading from the heart and Kundalini Yoga. What a motherfucking dream.

So this year, of course I set some goals to direct my energy and focus towards, but what I’ve started to understand is the art of truly ALLOWING.

Allowing the Universe to move through me and to show me where to go, even when it makes no sense.

Allowing myself to be shit scared but say yes anyways.

Allowing myself to trust in the unfolding even when I can’t see it yet, because I know there’s a bigger vision at play beyond ticking off a few to-do’s in 2016.

Allowing myself to truly make decisions from my heart without thinking about ‘but you SHOULD do it like this’.

Allowing myself to let go of how I think things are meant to look and let the Universe fill in the gaps for me.

Allowing myself to stop denying my power and my gifts.

I’ve also realised that even after an epic year, I’m still not satisfied. But to be honest, I’ve come to accept that I will probably never be truly satisfied.

Not from a place of ‘what I’m doing isn’t enough’, but from a place of being frign hungry to create in this lifetime.

And you know what, I’m pretty sweet with that.

So thank the Goddess that this year didn’t go to plan.. to MY plan.. because I had NO idea it could be this good.

Cheers to more of THIS feeling;


So here’s some advice on allowing things to be even better than you thought they could be in 2017;

+ Don’t worry about the how’s, focus on the feels. If it feels good – follow it. Period.

+ Surrender how you think it’s going to look and open to the Universe’s better plan.

+ Things can change quickly when you’re open to creative possibilities

+ Let the Universe support you – it wants to!

+ Open to new ways of your purpose manifesting. Don’t limit yourself to one way.

+ If you don’t know the next step, ASK for it. When you’re open, the Universe will show you.

+ Let things be EASY and FUN. Stop overcomplicating, comparing, worrying about the ‘shoulds’ and just follow the frign fun.

And what if you could get super clear and focus on THREE themes/feels for 2017, and allow the Universe to co-create it alongside you.

2017, I’m ready for your magic baby girl.


Let’s measure our success in 2017 (and always) by how much fun we’re having.

And yes, YES you frign can do it. All of it.