So you want to get cracking on the business idea that’s been tapping you on the shoulder for months now start or start laying down some solid steps towards your dreams, and you’ve been hard at it for 2 days now wondering why the Universe is making it so hard and questioning why it hasn’t shown up for you yet?

Patience isn’t my strong point either, believe me. I’ve learnt a few things about the creative process over the past few years and come to love the unfolding more and more (most of the time) so I thought I’d put together a few tips to remind you of how to play your part in the manifesting game and keep things flowing, without the frustration.

  1. Focus on Step 1, not how far away step 38 is from here. 

When we first get the hit of inspiration and the big idea of our new path, maybe even something we’ve always wanted to do but have never known how until now, the first stage is the excitement. In some cases we then get hit with a hundred ideas out of nowhere that suddenly all make sense and possible, which leaves us buzzing, lit up and high on life. We roll with it and sit with the ideas and then something switches and we start overthinking. Our logical mind kicks in, “How will I ever do that? I don’t think I can? I’m not as good as everyone else.” And we get all up in our head future trippin’ the ‘hows’ and suddenly become so overwhelmed with options that we shit our pants with doubt and talk ourselves out of it before we even begin. Sound familiar?

A not so little reminder here; your job is not to figure out the ‘how’ all in one day. Your job is to just start. If you’re wanting to build a website, then what’s the first 3 things you need? A website name/domain and sentence or two to write on there? Sweet! There are hundreds of free themes and website templates available to you now and you can teach yourself to create a DIY job to get things moving, which is exactly what I did.

So whenever you find yourself getting overwhelmed with the steps that are 6months from now, ask yourself – if there was ONE thing I could do today to get the ball rolling, what would it be? Break it down and start there.


  1. Impatience blocks the flow. (trust me, I know this one well)

Impatience stems from our Ego’s desire to have everything right now, and if it’s not here by tomorrow will make you believe that you’ve failed and it’s too hard and you can’t do it. The same as doing one crunch and checking for Abs, right? We’ve got to give that shiz time!

I see this in my friends and my clients all.the.time. We get an idea and we want it NOW. We are living in a society that demands instant gratification but we’ve really got to let this go if we want the highest vision to flow. Impatience is your resistance to the flow.

I always remind myself that that everything is occurring at exactly the time it’s meant to, at exactly the moment I am meant to receive it, and if I really trust and believe in myself, and in the Universe, then can I allow myself to just relax and have more fun with the unfolding? I don’t want to feel like a control freak and get frantic when things don’t go to plan, I want to embody trust and truth – and the truth is that the Universe has a wayyy better plan than me around the corner, if I just calm my farm and enjoy the unfolding.


Expect the manifestation to happen, but don’t expect it on your time.

Be in the joy of the unfolding and it will unfold faster.


  1. Work with what you’ve got and where you’re at so the Universe know’s you can handle more.

Remember that right now in this moment, you actually really do have everything you need to move into the next step. Maybe your mind is convincing you otherwise by dropping the “No but I need the perfect website, and I need to spend $10,000 and I don’t have that so I can’t do it so I’ll just wait until I have it then I’ll start”

ACTION kickstarts the momentum in the creation process, sitting and listing all the ways you can’t do it keeps you stuck.

Even if you’re not sure which is the best option – just pick ONE. Just GO.

For my first videos I recorded them on my iphone. For my first round of Head to Heart (my 8 week online program) I recorded myself speaking into my phone as audio lectures and have the content written on word documents. The next round it organically grew into needing design support and better quality platforms and I called in more support WHEN it was ready to be upgraded. But I didn’t let that stop me in the beginning when I had no access to help.

Right now maybe you’re just convincing yourself that you need x,y,z to distract you from just showing up and getting to work. It’s your fears of ‘what if I fail, what if people laugh at me, what if it doesn’t work’ undercover just distracting you from starting. Each time you convince yourself you can’t do anything now, you’re creating more separation between you and your dreams because you’re going against the truth and inner knowing that right now you already have everything that you need to get moving. The real reason you’re not starting isn’t lack of resources, it’s that you’re scared it’s not going to be good enough and you’re comparing yourself to someone else’s step 25 when you are just clipping your training wheels on to begin.

If you can’t be creative and make the most of what you’ve got now, how will the Universe be able to see that you’ll know what to do with more?

  1. Rock it your way.

Something that blocks our individual paths is that we look to model others and can get trapped into thinking that we ‘should do that’ and ‘but that’s the way successful people do it’. If you are creating a life by your own design, in alignment with what YOUR heart wants, and in alignment with your own creative gifts – then how can you expect to do it exactly as someone else? We can absolutely learn from others and be inspired by how they’ve done it, but when we think that their way is the only way, we stagnate our own creative solutions and gifts.

True Leaders empower others to plug in to their own alignment and create from that space. Their own space. They shine a light and beam an example of what being in alignment can be like for them.

All things are possible when you create in a way that lights you up.

If you aren’t having fun in your business, chances are you’re trying to copy someone else or trying to convince yourself you ‘should’ be doing it like that because that’s how they are doing it.

The fastest way back to alignment is to ask yourself “If this had NEVER been done before, how would I want to do / create it?” 

  1. You will manifest by your commitment to being IN the manifestation

One big player in the gig of getting you instantly closer to your dreams is to commit to living IN the creation now as best you can. Be in the energy of what you want, before it’s fully arrived.

Always wanted to work and travel? Start working from different cafes, work outside in the garden or sunshine, take your lappy to the park and create there for the afternoon. You don’t need to fly countries to ‘travel and work’, it’s just your ego that will tell you it ‘only counts’ when you do it a certain way.

Always wanted to coach? Awesome, start mentoring others undercover. Offer support as best you can to your friends when they ask for it. Start sharing snippets online that could help inspire others. Start helping others in any way the Universe is calling you too, and the Universe will bring you more ‘clients’ when you are in the energy of serving from where you’re at.

Start writing before the book deal is here. Show up each day to write something. A blog, and Instagram post, a newsletter, an email to your friend. To be a writer, you must commit to writing.

The trick here is to keep expanding into the vision before it’s fully arrived. Keep anchoring the feeling and energy of it into the present moment as much as possible throughout your day. Weave the vibes into your life.

Keep showing up and you will keep being shown.

Shown the next step, shown the next opportunity, shown the next sign.

But you’ve got to be willing to show up for the creation even before it is fully created.


Keep showing up no matter how small the step feels and keep committing to your dreams no matter what, because one day the dream and the reality become one.

And if you really wanted it you wouldn’t wait for the Universe, you’d show it yourself.