I have a really groovy Kundalini Yoga meditation to share with you today, taken from my Rock Your Inner Light Online Kundalini Yoga course.

This meditation is called Meditation for a Calm Heart. It’s a perfect 5minute meditation to tune into whenever you feel stuck up in your head, overwhelmed, anxious or stressed AF and can’t seem to calm your farm. If you are wired before bed, or your Nervous System is on high voltage from a big day, plug into this meditation to soften back into your heart space.

This meditation is short and sweet! In less than 3 minutes we start purifying the blood and within 5 we start resetting the nervous system, that’s why I love Kundalini Yoga, you won’t always need hours – the meditations work fast and go deep.

POSTURE + HANDS: Come into a cozy cross-legged position, use a cushion to prop your hips up if needed. Place the left hand on the middle of the chest at the heart centre, fingers together and thumb pointing up. Right elbow tucks into the right rib, thumb and forefinger touch and the other 3 fingers point straight up and stick together. Eyes are lightly closed.

BREATH: Inhale as long and smoothly as possible, hold the breath at the top (without clenching) for as long as possible, when ready exhale smoothly and completely and suspend the breath out for as long as comfortable. Repeat this pattern as you soften and deepen into the breath.

When you finish, inhale and hold, exhale and relax the hands down breathing normally for a minute and slowly come out of your practice.

TIME: 3-5minutes is all you need to feel a shift.

doTERRA OILS I SUGGEST WITH THIS MEDI: Lavender Peace over the heart, Vetiver on the lower spine, Peace rolled on the Pulse Points.

Enjoy x



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