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Oh HEY! I’m Trace – and it’s bloody good to meet ya!

tracey_spencer_040More formally, I’m Tracey Spencer – a heart-focused life coach, truth seeker. writer and speaker!

I’m committed to living a heart driven life, choosing love over fear, experiencing all the joy and juiciness life has to offer, and more importantly – helping you do the same. 

I coach to plug you back into your heart and to bring light to the crap that keeps you from shining.

I write to inspire you to remember the beauty that comes from living from the heart. 

I speak to elevate your presence and re-ignite your flame.

I show up to bring more light to the World, and I hope you will too.


That you dare to open that big beautiful heart of yours.

That you tap into that fire in your belly and let it lead you.

That you bridge the gap between you and your highest self. 

That you remember how powerful and worthy you are.

That you keep saying YES to what excites you most. 

That you always choose joy over logic.

That you follow what makes you feel free. 

And that you live a life rich in love.

My values are simple; 


 Joy is always the answer

 Truth is worth fighting for

 Freedom is meant to be followed

What lights me up?
Woman who worship their own power. Expression through
 creativity. Bare feet on the Earth.

Meditating to Fleetwood Mac. Kindness. Books that move me. Breath of Fire. Puppy noises.

F-bombs. Outdoor baths. Watching kids laugh uncontrollably. 10 second hugs. Tea cups.

Inspiration hits. Seeing my best friends kicking arse at life. Courage. 

That moment when the truth vibrates within you and becomes a knowing.

tracey_spencer_091I believe your most underrated feature is your own heart.

Yep – that little beater in the middle of your chest is an absolute powerhouse. 

It’s your life’s compass when you allow yourself to trust it.

It contains more wisdom than you can even begin to imagine.

It holds the gold that you are searching for in everything else.

It is the lighthouse keeper of your truth. 

“You will never, ever reach your full potential if you don’t open your heart”- Paulo Coelho 

How I got here?

My desire for deeper connection – my commitment to wanting more – and my dedication to feeling freakin’ good.

It started in 2011 when one day I just woke up feeling icky- which at this stage was pretty much the norm for me. I was disconnected from my body, I couldn’t remember the last time I actually felt real joy, and I was done with denying my heart. Somehow I just woke up desperate for change with “This is NOT what it’s meant to feel like- get your shit together’ ringing in my ears. 

From there came the personal development workshops, the self-help books, the mentors, the healers, the spiritual teachers, the lectures and many hours on a medi pillow trying to figure it all out!

I started saying ‘no’ more. I started feeling my way through the mud. I started looking after my body again from a place of pure respect. I started looking at life through new eyes. I started believing in things that felt expansive, and letting go of that which did not. I started hanging around people that lifted me up and letting go of toxic relationships. I started asking more questions, I started changing my mindset. And I started remembering how good life is meant to feel, 

From my own journey of re-calibration from the inside-out, I started noticing how many people missed the memo that life is MEANT TO FEEL GOOD.  We each have the power to create a life beyond our wildest dreams, to love unconditionally, to experience abundance on all levels and to live in absolute freedom – and we are the only ones getting in the way of it! 


I completed my Life Coaching Certification through the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy. I specialise in guiding women through their own joyful spiritual journey – helping them find clarity in that deep connection to their hearts, align them with their passion and purpose, and bring light to the negative voice in their head and fear-based stories that are blocking their flow, and holding them back so they can show up with grace and the confidence to shine.  

You living YOUR joy- Lifts us ALL up. 

(And how effing cool is that?)

I want you to know that there is more here for you than you are currently experiencing, and you already feel it.

You are meant to feel free. You are meant to experience joy and  you are meant to live a life rich in love and fun.

The only limits are the ones you keep believing in your mind, and it’s time to set yourself free of them.

 You are being guided, and that’s exactly what has landed you on this page.

I am SO excited to be on this journey with you, and I welcome you with open arms.

If you are feeling the call to dive in and work together so you can start living life at the next level – you can read about my private coaching packages here.

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