I’m Trace –


And I’m one million percent committed to living a heart-driven life, choosing joy over logic, putting my self-doubt to the side whilst I get on with my mission and having a shitload of fun rocking my light this lifetime.

Oh, and helping badass women like you do the same.

A few fun facts about me

▵ I’m a straight talking, No BS, fire-cracking Aries that will not apologise for the amount of fbombs dropped whilst speaking with fierce love.

▵ I grew up on a farm and I reckon my first word was probably an f-bomb, which probably explains a lot. See above.

▵ Coach. Speaker. Yogi. Author to be. Personal Trainer for your Soul.

▵ I will claim that Chris Martin wrote the song Green Eyes about me. Cheers mate, appreciated.

▵ Been rocking a sweet mix of two feet on the Earth and crown in the cosmos since 91

▵ Funny AF. But also super serious. Sometimes. Once or twice. Loves to go deep equally as much as talking shit.

▵ I think ‘should’s’ are gross, and I never want to do something because someone says ‘but you should’. Gross.

▵ My version of the secret is to say yes and fill in the ‘how the fuck’ gaps later.

▵ Cooking ain’t my thing, but I make a mean Guac. Also known as Bliss Ball Queen.

▵ Keen on courage, LIT AF creative downloads and keeping shit real.

▵ Wears make-up approx 7 times a year and rocks a lion’s mane most days.

▵ Approximately 1700 freckles, give or take a few.

▵ Went from teaching burpees in Les Mills Body Attack to Breath of Fire in Kundalini Yoga

▵ Constantly learning, then teaching, then learning and teaching some more, then learning as I’m teaching.

▵ Got a pretty sweet gift of seeing your light, sometimes before you do. It’s kinda a big deal.

▵ Puppy noises are my weakness, and don’t even get me started on their kisses.

▵ The freedom that comes from unleashed creative expression is a million times worth the fears and freak outs along the way.

▵ It’s highly possible that once we meet, you’re considered a Soulie for life and you will be stuck with me. Consider this your warning.


I reckon that pretty much makes us official now?

Coach // Teacher // Speaker

Writer // Author to be

Fire-Cracker // Light-Lover

Personal Trainer for your Soul

Won’t muck around when on a Mission

How I got here?

In short – I just decided to get moving.

It started in 2011 when one day I just woke up feeling icky- which at this stage was pretty much the norm for me. I was disconnected from my body, I couldn’t remember the last time I actually felt real joy, and I had this overwhelming emptiness of ‘is this really it?’. I was bored of the same old shit — binge-drinking, going to Uni just because I didn’t know what else I wanted to do, dimming the fuck down and not really knowing who I was. Somehow I just woke up desperate for change with “There has GOT to be more”.

From there came the personal development workshops, the self-help books, the mentors, the healers, the spiritual teachers, the staying up all night watching youtube lectures about the Universe and many hours on a medi pillow trying to figure it all out! I was the one at the back of the workshops in tears feeling disconnected and confused AF as I started slowly opening up to a new way.

I started saying ‘no’ without needed to justify it.

I started looking after my body again from a place of pure respect.

I started looking at life through new eyes and putting more energy into things that made me feel good, even if none of my friends at the time got it.

I started believing in things that felt expansive, and letting go of that which did not.

I invested in myself time and time again to keep surrounding myself with people who were radiating and living the way that I wanted to.

I started hanging around people that lifted me up and let go of toxic relationships that were keeping me stuck and going nowhere.

I started asking more questions of myself – the biggies.

Little by little I started upgrading my mind and re-writing my own story.

And I started to remember who I was, and what I was here for.

After years of unlearning and remembering who I am, and how good it felt, I had this undeniable pull to start teaching. To start writing, speaking, getting women together.  As a complete leap of faith, I enrolled in and completed my Life Coaching Certification through the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy. I specialise in karate-chopping through self-doubt, excuses, procrastination and over thinking so that you can finally just frign take ACTION on creating the life you are actually here to live. You know that one you can’t stop thinking about? Yup, that one. Enough waiting for someone else to give you permission or do it for you. Enough scrolling instagram thinking everyone else has something that you don’t.

Think you don’t have a purpose here? Think again my friend.

Believe me when I say there is more here for you, and you already feel it and know it.

That disconnection, dimming and doubt you’re feeling, enough is enough.  

You are already being guided towards more for yourself, and that’s exactly what has landed you on this page. This is just the beginning for you.

So let’s rock this shit together, shall we?

Flick Trace a line here: hello (at) traceyspencer.com.au


Tracey Spencer is a life and creative business coach, writer, speaker and kundalini yoga teacher on a mission to help women kick self-doubt to the kerb and bring their heart’s visions to life. Through one-to-one coaching, mastermind group coaching, live workshops, yoga classes and her straight talking insta-stories, Tracey not only encourages people to listen to their hearts, but to have the courage to take action on what they hear. With a unique way of turning spiritual lingo into real talk, she is the creator ofLightworkers Academy; a 4 month transformational online program teaching you how to step up, serve and own who you really are. Winner of the 2014-2016 Beautiful You Emerging Coach of the year Award, Tracey reminds you how much of a privilege it is to be you, and teaches you how to rock your light, lead from your heart, and make an impact on the lives of those around you.