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5 rules to playing your part in the co-creation gig.

So you want to get cracking on the business idea that’s been tapping you on the shoulder for months now start or start laying down some solid steps towards your dreams, and you’ve been hard at it for 2 days now wondering why the Universe is making it so hard and questioning why it hasn’t shown up for you yet?

Patience isn’t my strong point either, believe me. I’ve learnt a few things about the creative process over the past few years and come to love the unfolding more and more (most of the time) so I thought I’d put together a few tips to remind you of how to play your part in the manifesting game and keep things flowing, without the frustration.

  1. Focus on Step 1, not how far away step 38 is from here. 

When we first get the hit of inspiration and the big idea of our new path, maybe even something we’ve always wanted to do but have never known how until now, the first stage is the excitement. In some cases we then get hit with a hundred ideas out of nowhere that suddenly all make sense and possible, which leaves us buzzing, lit up and high on life. We roll with it and sit with the ideas and then something switches and we start overthinking. Our logical mind kicks in, “How will I ever do that? I don’t think I can? I’m not as good as everyone else.” And we get all up in our head future trippin’ the ‘hows’ and suddenly become so overwhelmed with options that we shit our pants with doubt and talk ourselves out of it before we even begin. Sound familiar?

A not so little reminder here; your job is not to figure out the ‘how’ all in one day. Your job is to just start. If you’re wanting to build a website, then what’s the first 3 things you need? A website name/domain and sentence or two to write on there? Sweet! There are hundreds of free themes and website templates available to you now and you can teach yourself to create a DIY job to get things moving, which is exactly what I did.

So whenever you find yourself getting overwhelmed with the steps that are 6months from now, ask yourself – if there was ONE thing I could do today to get the ball rolling, what would it be? Break it down and start there.


  1. Impatience blocks the flow. (trust me, I know this one well)


Next chapter – Finding my feminine flow again.

The past month has been a really interesting and awesome one for me. I turned 25, went on a holiday to Bali with my soulies, attended the Beautiful You Coaching Academy’s Bali Inspiration Day dedicated to the Divine Feminine, finished up the first round of my 8 week Head to Heart ecourse and was out of the blue intuitively guided and drawn towards new teachers and tools (which I now understand why!).

April was going to be a big month – I could feel it. I had my to-do list ready and was fired up and ready to roll with ideas coming out my ears! However, as I went to get cracking on them, my energy for them just disappeared. Gone. Seeya later. No desire whatsoever. And this is very unlike me! At first I was confused because I am a fiery Aries that genuinely does like to get shit done, but something inside was giving me the nope, not this time pal feels.

This is what I know to be true – creation works in spirals, not straight lines. All we can do is follow the guidance we receive in each next moment – especially when it makes no sense at all. Follow the flow, right?

So as I look back on the last month, things are starting to make more sense. It all fell into place after I recently had an energy balance and the blocks were all on receiving, feeling nourished and more specifically on a physical level – my reproductive organs. These sacred parts of ourselves aren’t just a physical part of us – they house emotions, beliefs, energies and so much more. And this part of us for women in particular, is so darn wise and sacred. This part of my body had been guiding me and giving me the signs all along – I just wasn’t paying attention.

++ This may not make sense to you just yet, but I love sharing and I truly believe there are some of you out there who are feeling off, disconnected and confused with your energy, feelings and emotions as well, so why not open up the discussion about it! ++

For those familiar with the energy centres of your body, aka chakras, there is a beautiful wise part of us women called the Sacral Chakra. On a physical level it covers the lower abdomen, reproductive organs and lower back. It’s the home of our pleasure, passion, sensuality, abundance (relationship with money and receiving), emotions (also stores a LOT of shame, guilt and fear) and feelings (ability to be vulnerable and soft), intimacy and connection (to ourselves, others and the Universe). This energy centre determines how we allow ourselves to experience life through feelings and sensations. It helps you feel the juiciness in each present moment. And this very word here – pleasure – I’ve come to realise is what’s missing for a lot of us.

Even the word makes some people cringe and brings up fear and ickyness for many – know you aren’t alone and you aren’t a weirdo if either comes up for you. And for this exact reason, I’ve been called to explore more of this part of myself. I’m not talking about this topic in a sexual way, although that absolutely is a part of it, I’m talking more about the everyday pleasures of life that we are missing right before our eyes. You know, like actually slowing the frick down and feeling again. Not trying to be everything to everyone and serve from a depleted place because that’s where we serve noone. Knowing ourselves on a deeper level and connecting to wise parts of ourselves that we’ve been turning a blind eye on or suppressing for far too long.

I am so excited to learn more about this groovy part of myself and if this resonates I invite you on the journey with me and let’s explore together!

How I am currently working with my Sacral Chakra and awakening more of my feminine energy;

First up – connecting with yourself and this particular energy centre. Put your hands over your lower abdomen, hips or womb area, or even as a starting point just sit in meditation and hold your awareness there, and just close your eyes and feel. Does it make you feel weird? Emotional? Ashamed? Blocked? Sad? Happy? Alive? Peaceful? Buzzy? There is no right or wrong, the point is to feel. You are so safe to go there.  (more…)

Feeling ‘stuck in a rut’? Try this!

Feeling ‘stuck in a rut’ seems to be a common situation for many of my clients at the moment. The feeling of being unclear, going through the same old shit, caught up in the same fears and negative spirals, wanting to make a positive change and get moving forward but just not knowing how. 

Let me break it down for you – the first (and sometimes the only) thing you need to do when you are feeling stuck is to identify the story that you keep telling yourself about why you are stuck. ‘I’m stuck because of this, this and this. Because of that person and because this happened to me.’ That’s great, but who is in control here? You are in control of how you feel, always! And that little block isn’t there unless you put it there. Yep – crazy huh? 

A block is simply a sign that you are out of harmony with the natural flow of life. 


Meaning there is a story, habit, belief or limiting thought that you continue to cling to that is keeping you out of the feel good flow. The story will have a fear-based undertone, and will be sabotaging your happiness.  By continually clinging to it, and believing it, you are continually feeling stuck. 

Try these 7 simple tricks to getting ‘unstuck’ and back into feel good flow (aka harmony) 

+ Re-write the story. What is the story you keep telling yourself? “I’m never going to find my soul-mate”, “I’m never going to have any clients”, “I can’t do that”, “Everyone is better than me”. None of these stories feel good, they are just fear in disguise trying to trick you into believing it’s classic story of how ‘you’re not good enough’. Catch the story and your cheeky ego in it’s tracks, and re-write this with love as the main character.  (more…)

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