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When there is nothing left, you just have to TRUST.

This week I have been smacked right in the face with three of my biggest lessons, all at my most vulnerable time. And I want to share so that you know that you are never alone.




There comes a time when you just know. You just know things aren’t the same as they used to be. You know the World looks different to what it first did. You know that what you used to believe isn’t what you want to, or need to believe anymore. And you know more than anything that you cannot go back, ever again. Change.

There are times that it can feel like you’re lost. It can feel like you’re alone. And it can feel like you are running head first into a thick fog that you can’t quite see through yet. You feel overwhelmed, frustrated, in over your head, and left questioning it all- Especially yourself.

But you know that there is now a flame inside you. A burning flame in you that no matter what knocks you, what life throws at you, what anyone says- there is now a flame that cannot go out.
You look back and things look different. Your old tribe look different. They sound different. And then you realise nothing is actually different. It’s just that you’re different. You see it from the outside. You see it for what it really is. And you now know that the flame that you’ve always had in you, is just now burning brighter. Growth.
The most incredible feeling is when you realise that YOU have to shine a little brighter. YOU have to shine a little stronger. YOU have to show up shining when no one else is. YOU have to keep shining even when you don’t really feel like it. And you know that you have no choice but to be the one standing out there when no one else is ready to, because that is when you will know your flame is the one that is going to light the flame in others.
It may seem for a while that you are standing out there alone, it may actually feel like forever. But I’m here to tell you that you are not alone. You are NEVER alone. And the courage that starts to build inside you- doesn’t come from everyone else. It comes from you. Acceptance.

You already have everything you need inside you. EVERYTHING.

You take the jump. You are shit-scared but you take it anyway. You take it when no one else is. You take it even when fear is telling you not to. You take it even when it feels so right and so wrong at the same time.

But it’s in that moment that you realise that fear is only an invitation for growth. And when you grow- the fear of not feeling any fear will become present. THAT is when you KNOW you’ve changed. And that is when you accept and give yourself one hell-of-a pat on the back, blow a kiss and close that door that once seemed impossible to get through.

Because now you not only get it, you start living it.

Change leads to growth. Growth leads to acceptance. Acceptance leads you back to who you really are.

Your only step right now is to TRUST YOURSELF.

Stop fighting and start trusting-

Because you are always being lead back to where you were meant to be all along.


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5 Lessons of a 23 year old.

Sometimes when things just finally click you can’t help but laugh at the timing of it all. Tomorrow marks the first day of Spring-the start of a new season. The sun comes back out to play and the flowers appear even bigger and brighter. Which to me- feels a little similar to some of the Aha! lessons I’ve had over the last 3 months of learning how to play life bigger and brighter. Until today I felt I was only touching the brim of my understanding- so after having 5 massive light-bulb moments while attending a beautiful workshop today, I couldn’t help but share some of them hoping they would light a spark in you too.

Looking back on this last season I now feel the value of growth. And what I realised today, was you can never really grasp just how far you have grown- until you take a look behind you. All those thoughts you used to have- those limiting beliefs- those toxic friends- become just a speck in the view behind when you just commit yourself to move forward every.single.day. When you just commit yourself to shining brighter than you ever thought possible.

So here are my 5 light-bulb lessons Season 1;

1. You hold so much more power in this world than you will ever know- Being powerful is not about being a dictator. It is not about telling people what to do. It is not about being better than anyone else. Power is standing up for yourself and speaking your truth. ALWAYS.

People have lead us to believe that being powerful is evil. So we give it away to others rather than standing in our own. Every single person on this planet is powerful beyond words. Have you ever really upset someone with only the words you have spoken? Have you ever brightened someone’s day just giving them a hug and telling them it will be ok? Have you ever stood up for yourself when something didn’t feel right but everyone else was doing it? That is power. And how you use yours can brighten your life and the lives of those around you- or it can crush it.

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