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5 rules to playing your part in the co-creation gig.

So you want to get cracking on the business idea that’s been tapping you on the shoulder for months now start or start laying down some solid steps towards your dreams, and you’ve been hard at it for 2 days now wondering why the Universe is making it so hard and questioning why it hasn’t shown up for you yet?

Patience isn’t my strong point either, believe me. I’ve learnt a few things about the creative process over the past few years and come to love the unfolding more and more (most of the time) so I thought I’d put together a few tips to remind you of how to play your part in the manifesting game and keep things flowing, without the frustration.

  1. Focus on Step 1, not how far away step 38 is from here. 

When we first get the hit of inspiration and the big idea of our new path, maybe even something we’ve always wanted to do but have never known how until now, the first stage is the excitement. In some cases we then get hit with a hundred ideas out of nowhere that suddenly all make sense and possible, which leaves us buzzing, lit up and high on life. We roll with it and sit with the ideas and then something switches and we start overthinking. Our logical mind kicks in, “How will I ever do that? I don’t think I can? I’m not as good as everyone else.” And we get all up in our head future trippin’ the ‘hows’ and suddenly become so overwhelmed with options that we shit our pants with doubt and talk ourselves out of it before we even begin. Sound familiar?

A not so little reminder here; your job is not to figure out the ‘how’ all in one day. Your job is to just start. If you’re wanting to build a website, then what’s the first 3 things you need? A website name/domain and sentence or two to write on there? Sweet! There are hundreds of free themes and website templates available to you now and you can teach yourself to create a DIY job to get things moving, which is exactly what I did.

So whenever you find yourself getting overwhelmed with the steps that are 6months from now, ask yourself – if there was ONE thing I could do today to get the ball rolling, what would it be? Break it down and start there.


  1. Impatience blocks the flow. (trust me, I know this one well)


2016 didn’t really go to plan, or did it?

Looking back on 2016 – it’s been a biggie on many levels. I had soo many things written down at the start of this year that I wanted to call in/create/achieve, but things didn’t really go the way I thought they would.

On January 1st, I wrote the word SOAR in the sand and declared it as my theme word for this year, not really knowing what that meant or what it would look like.

At the start of the year I created and launched my first 8 week ecourse, Head to Heart. The process of idea to finished product took about 4months of being in the zone. I learnt how to organise, manage, express my vision, delegate, budget, ask for help, prioritise and get shit done pretty quickly. And then launching a project close to my heart and truly putting myself out there was a whole other level.

I truly learnt about the creative process – writing like a demon when the words were flowing, and pulling back on the days when they just weren’t there and being totally ok with it. I learnt about backing myself and believing in the work that I do, seeing the value in it and not being afraid to share who I am and what I’m here for. This whole process made me stronger in myself, I became clearer in my strengths and also got cozy with the areas that don’t come so naturally to me.

For a long time this year I was judging myself for not being feminine enough – “I need to chill out more”. “I need to be more girly and feminine”, “I need to be more like them”, “I’m not feminine enough, I need to learn how to do my make-up” – until I remembered that being feminine is not just about pink and flowers. It’s also about embodying fierce passion, courage, love and creating from the heart. My natural ability to get shit done, make decisions and take action fast without overthinking it and sitting around writing pro’s and con’s lists for 6months, I’ve now realised is actually a powerful strength of mine. And I love these masculine traits.

They’ve allowed me to co-create my visions into reality and to manifest quickly (because lez be honest – the DOING plays a huge part in the manifesting process. It’s not just a fluffy ‘if it’s meant to happen it will’ gig. You gotta show up for that shiz!). It’s allowed me to move through fears fast rather than sit and stare at them for months thinking they have control over me. And not just that, I’ve seen how quickly my coaching clients have been able to move forward in their fears and reach their goals because together we eliminate the BS, take out the fluff, simplify and focus on the action and allow things to move quickly. What a joy! This isn’t to say I’m not feminine, or that I don’t care about that side of me, but I’m surrendering into and embracing my fiery masculine side, without the judgement.

A few weeks after launching my ecourse I remember lying in bed one night and asking “Ok Universe, what’s next? What would you like me to do?” Thinking I’d be cruising for a while, maybe running a few rounds of my ecourse before anything new… No deal. Straight up I heard the response “It’s time to teach Kundalini Yoga”. I remember the feeling when I heard it, and it wasn’t an instant joy buzz. It was a ‘for fuck sake, haven’t I done enough growing for a while? How the shit am I going to pay for that? I’m not ready. No way, I can’t teach that at LEAST for another few years. I’m not ready. Nope I can’t! Not doing it.” (more…)

What to do when you’re jealous of your friends.


I had an interesting moment last weekend when I caught up with a friend I hadn’t seen in a few months, not intentionally – just life. I’d felt we hadn’t connected much in quite a while but didn’t think much of it as I know friendships cycle in and out quite a bit and things get in the way.

After chatting away she said to me ‘I’ve been really jealous of people lately, including you.” My response was something along the lines of “Huh? Me? Wtf you crazy cat?”

After talking and unravelling what was really going on, she said that she was super happy for me and all I’ve been doing, and it wasn’t so much that she was jealous of me, it was more that she was pissed off at herself for not doing the things she really wanted to be doing whilst I was getting out there and just doing them!

Interesting… I didn’t expect it at all, especially not from a friend! And it really got me thinking a lot about jealousy.

I know for a lot of us ‘lightworkers’ and woman who choose to ‘shine their light’, something that we are afraid of is outshining others and making them feel bad. It’s something I’ve always struggled with too, although I’m frign happy to admit that I have finally just let that shit go for good. Why? Because our purpose here is to shine our light and wake others up to theirs too. And how the shit will we ever do that if we are tip-toeing around waiting for everyone to be happy and ok with it? I sure as hell ain’t waiting….

So what’s the deal with this jealousy thing and what can you do about it?

Jealousy is a manifestation of our soul’s frustration in not allowing it to create what it desires.

Just read that line again. And again. And again.

I’m guessing if you’re like me (Yah – I get jealous sometimes too, I ain’t no Guru!), it’s usually triggered by social media. Having a cheeky scroll and seeing the highlight reel of others and then letting our Ego’s run wild thinking that their life rocks and ours sucks because they have sooooooo much more than we do. Which for most of the time, is total BS. This little trick is how our ego keeps us feeling ‘less than’ others, and keeps us feeling separate and disconnected from them. We instantly place others higher up on a shiny pedestal and tell ourselves a story that they are better than us. We then feel small, shitty, unworthy and powerless. Sound familiar?

We then question ourselves – ‘What do they have that I don’t? What’s wrong with me?’

Maybe right now you have someone in mind that you are jealous of? Is it their body, their health, their travels, their job, their number of followers? Pin point exactly what it is (if anything), and ask yourself – well what is this actually about?

Is your Ego once again looking for a distraction to keep you from being happy and at peace now? Are you looking for something to stop you from celebrating your own achievements? Maybe it’s “OMG I’ve lost 5kg I feel amazing!’… Followed by “But I’m still not as good as her…. Or but I still don’t have XYZ.” Or “I’m still sooooo far away”

It’s like the moment we celebrate ourselves, our Ego will go looking for comparison to keep us in check and from truly being proud of ourselves. It’s horseshit. And kinda funny.

So notice when the jealousy arises and catch yourself out in the act. Use it as an opportunity to tune in with whats really happening for you.

Ask yourself – is what they have REALLY what I want, or is it just what I think I want?

So often we look at others and say ‘I wish I had that..’ but is it actually what YOU want? Is it in alignment with YOU? For example, I used to always think I wanted a massive shiny mansion and would get jealous of people with huge houses and a pool. But then one day I asked myself, “Do I actually want that, or do I just think I want that?” And I realised that my version of abundance and a ‘mansion’ is simply a cute country house with a big garden and wooden floorboards and a bath. Done deal for me. It was always just my ego saying that what I truly wanted wasn’t ‘big” enough.

And hey – if it IS what you really want in your heart, then use them as inspiration to get the heck moving and create it for yourself too!

There is no room to compare when you too are creating.

When you get shitty at someone rocking their stuff – ask yourself where are YOU feeling disconnected from your creativity, your passion, your joy? Where are YOU deeply unsatisfied but not admitting to yourself? Where are YOU pissed off because YOU keep holding yourself back and procrastinating? Where are YOU letting fear plan your party?

Because the truth us, jealousy is never about them – it’s about YOU. Get real with yourself, and then get in your power and get moving girlllll.
Also, here’s a biggggggg tip for ya – When you see someone with something that you wish to create, or are in the process of creating – thank them. Bless them. Send them love. Let it be a wink from the Universe that yours is in the works too and you’re getting warmer. The moment you start judging another for what you want, is the moment where you push it further away from yourself. You are literally blocking yourself from creating it too because you confuse the heck out of the Universe – one second you want it, and then when someone else has it you hate on them. You be trippin’!

So when the jealousy arises, check in and practice radical self-awareness and compassion. Let your jealousy teach you, and let it take you further into expansion.

Let it shake you and wake you to turbo boost you into your own creation and inspired-action.

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