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Awake is the New Sleep.

A beautiful shift is happening right now.

A shift in people everywhere. All ages. All races. All genders.

The World is slowly, but surely- waking up.

This shift isn’t taking us anywhere new, it is simply bringing us home.

It starts when you begin asking more questions, seeking more answers, and tuning in to the guidance that has been here all along waiting for you.

This shift first comes with the knowing, and the deep feeling that there is more here for you. 

More than feeling mediocre -More than struggle -More than settling for ‘ok’ – More than being treated like shit – More than just living in your ‘dreams’- More than feeling ‘stuck’ – More than wasting energy trying to be someone else – More than giving your whole heart and getting nothing back. You suddenly open your eyes, see things a little more clearly and you begin to realise your worth.

It’s “THE PULL”- I’m sure you know the one, and if you don’t yet, then buckle in because when it comes knocking, it’s one knock you can’t ignore. (more…)

What Box?

When we are growing up we are told that we go to school, we study hard, we then get in to uni, to then get a job so we can work for the next 45years helping build our boss’s dream life and living only for the weekend. Monday’s suck. We don’t see our kids grow up. We spend Christmas working away. We work harder to earn more while depriving ourselves of sleep and running our bodies down. We live paycheck to paycheck. We don’t stop to smell the roses because we think we don’t have the time. We put everyone’s needs before our own. We worry that we can never pay the bills. We create vision boards of places we really want to go but don’t. We judge ourselves for ever wanting a better life and we get jealous of those who do. We live where anxiety is the norm. We want to do all these amazing things that make us happy and make our heart sing- but we put them last on the list.

I just want to know when did that become ok?

That is NOT life.

Stress. Struggle. Pain. Worry. That is NOT life. It makes me cringe even writing those words and life in the same sentence.


THAT is life. That is flow. That is well-being. That is YOUR BIRTH-RIGHT.

When the eff did we come to believe otherwise?

If you are listing reason’s in your head right now, that’s your Ego talking.


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