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My top 5 takeaways from 2015

2015 has been one of the craziest, stretchiest (definitely a word) and most loved-up years of my life!

I’ve stepped away from things that were no longer aligned with my heart or my higher purpose (even when I truly thought they were!), I’ve trusted myself on whole new level, I’ve said yes to big challenges and opportunities for growth, I’ve showed up through some big-ass fears and major self-doubt, I’ve cried a LOT –  both happy tears and ‘holy fuck I don’t know what to do’ tears, I’ve jumped before my mind even had time to tell me I’m not ready, and I’ve started to truly understand that absolutely everything is always as it should be – even when you think it’s not, it always is. 

Here are my top 5 takeaways from 2015.

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+ The challenges you are having right now, are exactly what you asked for. You called those badboys in for your own growth! They are here right now at the perfect time so that you can remember how strong and ready to expand you are. Deep down you already KNOW you have what it takes to bust through them and you’re ready to karate-chop your way into the next level of awesomeness. They truly wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have the skills within you right now to move through them – that’s just how the Universe rolls. The challenges only show up when you are ready to face bigger, more beautiful truths. Know this – your are NEVER given anything that you cannot handle, nor are you ever given anything you aren’t ready for. If you are facing some big stuff right now – know that it’s simply your invitation and divine opportunity to welcome in more love, and you’re already way past ready for it. 

+ It’s allowed to be easy… and fun. One of my mind’s blocks at the moment is “but why does this feel so easy? Shouldn’t it be harder than this?’ (Man our minds come up with some cray cray distractions!?) The thing is, it’s only as hard as you want it to be – and by want – I mean choose. Truthbomb: YOU GET TO CHOOSE. You choose how fast or how slow you go. You choose how big you leap or how little. You choose your dreams or someone else’s. You choose to have a voice or have no voice. You choose struggle or abundance. You choose fear or freedom. You choose stories or truth. You choose how easy and fun it is. You create by continually choosing – so let your choices be easy by choosing the way that feels more FUN in your heart. 

+ Emotional rollercoasters are part of the journey – learn to love them! Honour your creative cycles. Honour your highs and also the lows. It’s all perfect. It’s all exactly as it’s meant to be. You have to be flat to then reach the peaks. You have to go hard, and then go home to recharge. You have to ride it all and remember all is as it should be. The only thing that is certain on this Earth – is change. Seriously, we are here to change and evolve. We are going to ‘out-grow’ some people and some environments – and not in a bad way! It just is what it is. We are meant to change AND we are allowed to! Welcome the flows of life with open arms!

+ At the end of the day – you gotta feel good. If it’s not fun anymore, or it doesn’t inspire and excite you the way you think it should, chances are it’s not aligned with your highest self. It might look and sound like it should be what you want, but if it’s just not, then that’s ok! It’s ALL meant to be feel good. Sure there are uncomfortable bits, but it shouldn’t be like that always. Life is not meant to be a freakin mission ALL the time – it’s meant to be downhill baby. If something doesn’t feel good in your heart anymore, even if you don’t understand why, start asking questions and leaning in on those things that do feel good (hint – they are usually the opposite way to what you’ve thought possible in the past).

+ When you have a sneaky suspicion that there is more waiting for you – trust that there is. Your soul is always leaving clues and giving you little nudges – start freakin listening! The goosebumps you get in your morning meditations don’t muck around. The moments you ‘just know’ are the moments when you are most in tune with your soul. Your creativity is waiting to be expressed. Your heart is waiting to be listened to. Your soul is seeking expansion beyond the rules you’re been trained to believe are ‘the right way’. Trust your inner voice more than ever before. Trust how big your heart is. Trust your light – trust your soul – trust yourself. 

Moving forward into 2016 – some cheeky words of wisdom for you!

Just freakin GO FOR IT!! Seriously – there is nothing to lose other than the stories in your mind that keep telling you that you shouldn’t or that you can’t create what you truly want. The time AND the money passes anyway – so you may as well put that energy into investing in creating the life that you are sick of just dreaming of!

Your dreams will only be taken seriously when you start taking them seriously!

2016 is the time to jump HEART-first and see how much more magical you can ALLOW your life to become.

Because here’s the thing – it’s meant to keep getting better, and better – and the only way it can is if you say YES and take the first step.

I heard this in an interview between Jack Canfield and Oprah a few nights ago – “You are never given a dream that you do not have the potential to fulfill.” Let that soak in. That vision you have of how you truly want your life to be (yep -THAT one), and that dream that is bubbling under the surface and in the back of your mind daily – is there for a reason. You wouldn’t have been shown the dream if you didn’t have it in you to create and LIVE IT. You living your dream is your service to the collective. Know that in your cells. 

Success, abundance, freedom, creativity, love, bliss – that’s how it’s MEANT to be. That’s our natural flow. That’s our path of least resistance. We either fight against it, or we get to ‘work’ and have more fun being who we came here to be.

And here’s the grooviest part – you and me – we’re only just getting warmed up 😉

Thank you for being here on this epic journey with me, and I can’t wait to crank things up a few notches together in 2016!

All love from my heart to yours,

Trace x

PSSSSST – I’ve created something super groovy for those of you who are ready to dive in deeper spiritually in early 2016 – click right this way for more deets!

I’m struggling with my fears.

I'm struggling with my fears. (1)

Over the last couple of days, maybe even weeks, I’ve been smashed with some major self-doubt.

I haven’t felt that feeling hanging around so strongly for a while as I’ve just been zoned into my mission of serving others, growing myself and growing my business. I think the moment I came up for air was the moment the self-doubt crept back in.

But here’s what I know, self-doubt is always an opportunity to open to more love. It’s an opportunity to have your own back, believe in yourself even more and keep going. If you focus on the doubt, your mind will keep making up stories of why you should doubt yourself… which is exactly that – stories.

A breakdown is usually the first step of the breakthrough process.

So my self-doubt and resistance over the past week was really about that lovely belief many of us struggle with that’s constantly reminding us we aren’t good enough. Oh the classic production of the inner critic, mean girl, ego – whatever you want to call it. It’s a story that’s always lurking in the background waiting to pop it’s head in during any moment of weakness.

And I copped it bigtime yesterday.

Being in the ‘I’m not good enough’ mindset stems from a fear-based belief that we lack something. That we need ‘fixing’. The belief that we are missing something that will make us complete, whole, loved, worthy, successful, perfect. (more…)

What’s stopping you from rising?

There will be a time in your life – actually there will be many times – where you will get the chance to rise up.

You get the download, the memo, the cue, the opportunity, the sign, the glimpse, the vision, the tingle up your spine – and you just know. 

You just know that it’s time to make a change. It’s time to step up your game. It’s time to up a level or two. It’s time to push the zone.

You see it in others, and you start to feel that that’s where you want to go too. 

You recognise that they are lighting the way for you to go.

They are showing you what you too can do.  

This is the moment when you will get the chance to show up for yourself bigger and better than ever before.This is the moment when you will get the chance to choose your heart, over all the logic in your head.This is the moment when you will get the chance to show the Universe you mean business, and that you accept the invitation to more awesomeness.

It’s when you know that you want real love. That you deserve real happiness. That you are ready for greater abundance to flow. That you want to step up and live your purpose – but for realsy this time. 

No more hiding. No more holding back. No more permission slips.

It’s time to open up and lay it all on the table ready for next level of love.

So the question is, if you know that this is what you want, then what is stopping you from rising right now?


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