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How do you be ‘your best’?

You know what’s cool about you?


Every single weirdo- unique- quirky- crazy- beautiful- thing.

There is no one else pulling it off like you can.

There is no one else who can rock those socks like you can.

Deep down you already know that- yet you still waste so much time sitting on the comparison train.

You aim to be ‘the best’ you can– but get stuck thinking that your best self comes from being like everyone else.

And you believe it is impossible to ever be as ‘good as’ them. So you hide low thinking you have to be better than you are now before you can really show yourself to the World. You think you need to clear the crap, and be a certain size, and have a certain amount of money, and wear fancy clothes, and smell like daisies first, then you will be your best and start showing yourself to the World.

Well guess what Sunshine- You don’t need any of that.

The journey to your best self starts by opening up and giving the World more of your heart.

And more. And more. And more. That’s it.  

This week I realised something about being ‘the best’. It’s not even about being ‘the best’- it’s about being your freakin’ self. (more…)

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