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Are you afraid of being Happy?

Is it just me, or has it become normal to be afraid of our own Happiness?

It seems when anyone becomes extremely happy for no other reason than because they choose to be, others either a) wish to stop them in their tracks or b) think they’ve lost their freakin’ minds.

Somehow along the way we have come to believe that settling for unhappy is normal, and that being ashamed to openly express our happiness is ok?

I’m sorry, butttt what the f@#k is up with that?

If you are happy, then frign own it. Be even happier. Rock it. Dance bigger. Laugh louder. Smile brighter. Never EVER be afraid to express your bliss in the fear that it is not fair for the ‘unhappy’ people around you.

It is ok for you to be happy.

In fact- it is RIGHT for you to be happy.

Happiness lifts not only your vibes- but the vibes of everyone around you. So crank that shit up babayyy, and turn down the “fear of being too happy that it will make the unhappy people more unhappy” knob- because let’s face it- that isn’t doing anyone any good… is it?

It’s funny though, when people see you looking extra chirpy their first question is ‘how did you get soo happy?’- followed shortly by a mutter under their breath  ‘So who’s your dealer?’

You want to know how you “get happy”- Here’s a clue. You drop the bulllshit, you be honest with yourself, and you clear out the garbage that’s making you UN-happy. It’s not rocket science, but it is a daily adventure of checking in on the internal joy-o-meter. If something or someone is sending red alert signals everytime they come on to your radar, then maybe you should conveniently move countries.. or if that’s a little bold, then just take small steps to back off and start looking for opportunity to surround yourself in as much bright light as you can.

Being happy isn’t about being perfect- it’s about being REAL.

Yes- it’s not always easy. But it is ALWAYS YOUR CHOICE.

YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR OWN SOUL- And keeping the spunk in the mirror happy should be your number one priority at all times.

Just know that you being unhappy doesn’t make the unhappy people happy.

But you being happy -and bloody proud of it- makes the WORLD happy.

Imagine if all we did was celebrate each other’s happiness? If all we did was protect and lift our own happiness- simply to lift the Worlds happiness. Imagine if our mission started with Step 1- Being happy ourselves, and ended in Step 2- Turning up the happiness volume in others. Wouldn’t that be one-hell-of a good time for all?

The World is counting on YOU, super-star. It is counting on YOUR energy. YOUR passion. YOUR joy. YOUR spark. YOUR love. YOUR laughter. YOUR bliss. YOUR smile. YOUR HAPPINESS.

The ripple effect only starts with one-

And it starts with YOU.




There is no fight.

You know that feeling you get when you feel like you are right on the verge of something big? Things are shifting. The stars are lining up. And you are starting to really get clear.

Clear on what you desire.

Clear on what you deserve.

And crystal clear on who you really are.

For so long you fight against it. You paddle upstream. You go against the grain. You look everywhere else but inside. And you fight thinking that fighting will get you there. That fighting will be the easy way out. And that fighting will help you win the battle.

It’s then you realise there is no battle- because there is only you.

There is no need to fight. There is no need to struggle. There is no need for bullshit.

There is only the need to surrender.

Surrender to your own truth.

Surrender to your own power.

And most important, surrender to your own heart.

Surrender to the fact that you are here purely to experience bliss, in every moment-minute-hour-day-week-month-year.

Don’t fight it- don’t think ‘but this’ or ‘but that’ thoughts. Just let the bullshit go. Unlearn it, in fact.

Let the ‘should be’ go. Let the ‘could be’ go. Let the ‘would be’ go.

And just BE.

BE nothing else but YOU.

Trust that the universe has your back, always. Because it always does- when you let it.

When it all really clicks, and it all lines up, you then realise that this was how it was always meant to be. All you were doing was fighting it. Fighting against yourself, and burying the easy road with sticks and rocks and overgrown trees. It’s now time to back the truck up, clear the pathway and pave that beautiful brick road home.

Because you can’t cover only the dark sections. You can’t block just the ‘bad’ parts. It’s a one way road sweetie, and if you cover it up, you block the deepest, most magical bits of treasure deep down.

Blocking your joy. Blocking your truth. Blocking your heart.

You don’t need more force to go deeper- you just need to surrender.

Remember where you are is simply like a bow and arrow.

You feel ready,  but maybe you have just been stuck in the aim motion.

You are still getting super clear on your target, your power and your truth.

Soon enough, when you really surrender to it all, that’s when you are ready to fire.

And it’s when you fully let go, that’s when there’s no stopping you and there’s no turning back.

Because now you are clear,

And now you are on your way home.


Shed the masks, sweet heart.

How many times have you just gone along with the group to keep the peace? Hung out with the wrong crowd for too long. Kept going back to the same toxic relationship time after time. Settled for ok. Busted your arse trying to suit everyone else. Continually tried to tick-off all the points of society’s ‘how you should be’ checklist.

Wearing the masks- party girl, sporty girl, mum, girl that can’t stay single, people pleaser, stress-head, hippie-girl, calorie-counting girl. Seriously the list goes on. And when you stand in a ‘label’ that either you’ve put on yourself, or let someone else put on you, it feels yuck. It is yuck. Because it’s not you. You are not a label. You are the beautiful spark hidden underneath all the masks.

Masks look funny. Masks feel funny. And wearing them isn’t really fun… is it?

It’s time to start stripping back the masks and being yourself. All the time. Not clocking on and off. Not changing behind closed doors. Not changing to suit the rest of the World. 

You shouldn’t feel fear for dropping the mask and showing your true-self to the World. You should feel the fear of never being able to reach your most amazing, honest, authentic life. That’s where the beauty is. You just gotta dive on in- and hold on tight.

Let’s just clear up a couple hurdles before you even stumble on the ‘but’..

+ You are not ‘boring’ if you don’t want to be the party girl anymore.

+ You are not a ‘failure’ because you ate 100 more calories than some book told you to.

+ You are not ‘unfit’ because you don’t have a six-pack or don’t fit a size 10.

+ You are not ‘selfish’ if you want to start taking more care of yourself. Well technically you are- and I’m all for it!

+ You are not a Mum to put everyone else’s needs first and forget about your own needs.

+ You are definitely NOT put here to be anyone else but YOU.

Wearing the labels and constantly adding more, leads to physical and mental exhaustion. It leads to never being able to drop back your shoulders and show the World what you’ve got.

And just a heads up- when you drop the masks- you are free.

Lighten the hell up. Shed the crap. Live a little.

And laugh at the thought of playing hide & seek from your own beauty.

When you get to the bottom, there are no labels. There are no masks. There are no questions. You are JUST YOU.

No label can EVER put an accurate description on your absolute most divine authentic-self.

If you could only see how magic you are,  you’d get naked pretty quick… metaphorically speaking I mean. You’d start dancing a little more crazily. You’d have the spring in your step and the sparkle in your eye. When you strip back, be real, and be yourself- all the right people, opportunities and experiences come flooding in. They are the ones that have been there all along just WAITING to meet you.

Drop the masks that you wear to suit everyone else.

Drop the masks that you wear thinking that you need to keep hiding your true self.

The World is waiting, game-changer.

Clear the crap, and start really showing up.

Because underneath it all, you’re just you.

And you’re beautiful.



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