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Choosing friends wisely.

Every single day we are constantly exposed to new people. Meeting a new work colleague, a friend’s friend, chatting to someone in a shop, at a party or just walking past people down the street. There are always new people crossing your path. But isn’t it funny the people that you meet that stick around. The ones that you just ‘click’ with and you can’t help but know that you have crossed paths with them for a reason. I strongly believe that the people we are around in certain times of our lives shape who we become. I often think how some people seem to be in my life during a certain period not just by coincidence- but to teach me a lesson.

 Friends come and go. And they come and go for a reason. When you are on a journey of personal growth and you have decided to make a huge change in your life- you will realise exactly what being a friend is all about. There will be the friends that get jealous- mostly because you are diving into something super awesome and they are too comfortable staying where they are to jump in with you- and there are the friends that back you up 100% no matter what happens. I am so lucky to have a lot of friends as back up. They may think I’m crazy, but they never stand in my way to go for it. And I could never be more grateful.

There is no way we cannot be grateful for every single person we have met. Even if this brings up a bad relationship or a negative experience, it has had an impact on your life that has shaped who you are today- and YOU are the only one that can control how you feel about it. You either get angry and upset- or you appreciate what you have learnt and move on. Think about all the people in your life, the ones that have stuck around- not because they are family and they had to- but because they wanted to.  Are they friends that make you laugh, challenge you, encourage you to chase your dreams? Because if they aren’t, then what are they teaching you?
Without our friends we wouldn’t have half the amount of laughs, epic roadtrips, nights out, deep and meaningful chats at 3am, personal jokes or shoulders to cry on that we do with them. We all need friends. But we also need to realise the impact our friends and the people around us have on our journey. If you hang around a group of friends that always talk negatively about other people, or laugh at you for having new ideas or put you down in front of others- why would you call them a friend? And why on Earth would you let them have that power over you??
You have the choice of which people you let walk through your door. If there are friends that don’t fit the above criteria- then be thankful for them and start to attract new amazing friends that uplift you and inspire you to move forward. And I don’t mean that you never talk to them again- I just mean start to hang around a more positive group or put yourself out there to meet people in a new environment! Because as soon as you close one door- and awesome new fresh and exciting one will open- and people will be showing up in your life to do exactly the things you ask of them.
So make it clear what you value in a friend, and what kind of person you want to become- and those values start showing up in people who will come skipping through your door. 
And on that note- think about the best/happiest/funniest memory you have with your friends, then take your phone out and give them all a text telling them how much you appreciate them!

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