Essential oils don’t just support and assist in healing us on a physical level, they also help us in releasing emotional trauma, getting back in control of our minds, connecting more deeply with our feelings, and releasing things from the past so that we can live more freely in the present moment.

According to one of my favourite Essential Oil Resources; ‘Emotions and Essential Oils; A modern resource for Healing’, Healing Emotions with Essential Oils occurs in 5 stages;

  1. Healing the Physical Body
  2. Healing the Heart
  3. Releasing Limiting Beliefs
  4. Increase Spiritual awareness and connection
  5. Inspire the fulfilments of our life’s purpose

Through my coaching, constant stream of emails and facebook messages, yoga classes and everyday chit-chat with people, I’m starting to take note for how many of us require support beyond the physical – most of the time without even knowing it because we let ourselves believe in a big story telling us that ‘it’s just the way we are’.

And I wanna call BS on that bigtime.


I had to yell that in capitals because there truly just isn’t a way around it in my eyes – you have to show up and do the work, and in most cases – you gotta feel it to heal it! And I am seeing time after time how our beautiful doTERRA essential oils are helping us heal on deeper levels and live more in harmony with ourselves and with life.

Here’s a few things I know for sure;

Being a nervous wreck and beating yourself up in your head 24/7 – that ain’t living.

Holding onto crappy energy and trauma from years ago – that baggage and heaviness isn’t yours to keep anymore, and it’s keeping you from your happiness in the present moment.

Choosing to stay stuck believing in fear, lack, limitation, not feeling good enough – that’s not going to change anyone’s life anytime soon is it?

Being on the verge of burn-out or adrenal fatigue, not sleeping, and living on coffee (or harder stuff) running from thing to thing telling yourself a story that you don’t have a choice and making yourself believe that you don’t ever have 2minutes to stop and feel that maybe your body is depleted and if you actually gave yourself time to really listen to it, you’d notice that it’s crying out for love, acceptance and nourishment more than ever before – we can’t keep running from the signals and pushing through to exhaustion and hitting the walls over and over.

We are becoming too sensitive to chemicals in our environments and drenching our aura’s in toxins every day that we’ve got to strip it rightttt back for our own sanity. You can’t turn a blind eye to the fact that Mother Earth needs us take more responsibly in massively decreasing the toxins in our own homes and energy fields to clear out the crap for her. If we don’t, who will? One home, one person at a time we have to help clean up!

If you are feeling frantic and go-go-go ALL the time then you’ve GOT to calm your nervous system down and turn your internal compass down a notch or seven otherwise nothing will change and you’ll constantly feel run down, tired, unsatisfied, over-it, unfulfilled and like you’re running on a rat wheel. We need nourishing rituals and simple routines that support us in slowing down, grounding, and staying IN the body – not living all up in your head 24/7.

That’s where essential oils come in – not to cure or heal us – but to support us in naturally connecting more deeply inwards and coming back into balance, alignment and to our natural state – peace. 

Our beautiful doTERRA essential oils when inhaled, take as little as 22 seconds to support a shift in the limbic system (part of the brain that helps control emotion, behaviours, motivation etc) and can help uplift/shift/elevate our emotional state. I encourage you to let these oils support you in mastering your moods, actually slowing down and feeling (gasppp – what is that!) and clearing out unsupportive ways of being and old patterns that no longer serve you in being your best self – in whatever way that looks for you.

Here are just some of my personal recommendations to incorporate into your own emotional and energetic healing journeys.

Remember that you don’t choose the oils; the oils choose you.



+ Lavender Peace: A divine blend including Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Roman Chamomile and Marjoram – this blend has a powerful effect on the heart. It can help calm feelings of anger, jealousy, rage and resentment. It can help those that struggle to forgive others. It helps heal the emotional wounds of the heart so that love can flow freely again. This is a blend that will help calm the nervous system before bed to support a restful sleep.

+ Balance: Oil of GroundingThis is a blend of tree oils and roots. Trees live in the present moment, they are not in a hurry which makes this blend perfect to assist you in remaining grounded and in your body – not all up in your head with scattery thoughts. This blend helps us stay focused on our goals and embody them into the physical world. It helps us ground our energy and manifest our visions with patience and persistence.



+ Easy-Air: Oil of Breath. This epic blend is all about supporting the Respiratory System and opening up the airways (it will remind you of the Vicks VapoRub). On a physical level, this is your go-to oil for colds, flu’s, blocked noses, chest niggles, inhaling it pre-workout to open up the lungs etc, but emotionally it helps us stop and b-r-e-a-t-h-e! Like… properly.

I put a drop in my hands and take 3 deep inhales of this badboy as I repeat and anchor this mantra; “It’s safe for me to slow down. There is more than enough time to get things done.”


Ginger: Oil of Empowerment –  Ginger teaches us that if we are to be successful in life, we must show up and be fully committed to it. It addresses deep patterns of victim ‘poor me’ mentality, feeling powerless and the tendency to blame others for your situation and doing nothing about it. The energy of Ginger is Warrior-Like and inspires us to take back our power and full responsibility for our lives and destiny.



Wild Orange: Oil of AbundanceThis oil is an all-rounder legend. It inspires an abundance mindset (Sick of those ‘I can never get ahead, there’s never enough’ stories yet?), it supports positive moods, boosts our energy, enhances our creativity (hey sacral chakra!) and welcomes more joy and flow into our lives. It encourages us to release lack and scarcity mindsets for good and helps us tap into the infinite supply. It helps us release our need to hoard and hold onto things – which is the epitome of scarcity.


Lemon: Oil of Focus – Our yummy citrusy lemon oil activates and nourishes the mind, aids concentration and improves one’s ability to focus. Lemon helps us release feelings of “I’m dumb”, “I’m not good at learning” and calms insecurities and replaces them with confidence in self.

Clary Sage: Oil of Clarity & VisionClary Sage helps us change our limited perceptions and gives us courage to see the ‘truth’. A brilliant oil for the third eye chakra / intuition. It helps us see our limiting belief systems and opens us to new possibilities and experiences.

Intune: Focus Blend / Oil of Presence – This blend calms and quietens the mind. It is very beneficial for those with short attention spans, and helps us remain focused and present on the task at hand. It is very supportive of those that get lost in their own thoughts and tend to jump from one thing to the other quickly. It helps us remain calm, grounded, aware and in the present.


Forgive: The Renewing Blend / Oil of Forgiveness – This blend is particularly helpful for those that tend to look for the worst in others, rather than see the good. It challenges us to let go of bitterness, burdens, hostilities and embrace others. It reminds us to treat others the way we most want to be treated – with compassion and love. You can use the mantra; “Forgiveness sets me free” when you use this oil.

Wintergreen: Oil of Surrender – This oil assists the strong-willed individual in letting go of the need to know and the need to be right. It helps us surrender worries and burden’s over to a Higher Power. Wintergreen helps us let go of control and surrender to the divine plan.


Grapefruit: Oil of Honouring the Body – Not only amazing for its detoxification properties, grapefruit teaches us to respect and appreciate our physical body. It supports those who struggle to honour their body and are caught up in patterns of mistreatment. These forms of abuse may include severe dieting, self-hate, abusing the body through neglect or violence. It helps those that may obsess over how they look, yet still never feel good enough. Grapefruit encourages a positive, loving relationship with the body.

Bergamot: Oil for Self-Acceptance – Bergamot relieves feelings of self-judgement, low self-esteem and never feeling good enough. It is a powerful anti-depressant and helps us restore confidence in the self and love ourselves unconditionally. Use the mantra “I love and accept myself exactly as I am. I am enough” whilst inhaling and rubbing Bergamot over your heart.

Geranium: Oil of Love + Trust – Another heart chakra powerhouse as it helps us heal a broken heart. It encourages emotional honesty by facilitating the emergence of grief or pain that has been long suppressed. It is a gentle oil that softens anger and assists in healing emotional wounds. It fosters human love and connection, especially when there has been loss of trust in life and relationships.


3 of my current personal favourites from the Emotional Aromatherapy Blends;

For Peace, finding your Passion + Comforting you through grief, loss or emotional trauma.

PEACE: Our Reassuring Blend – supports individuals who lack inner peace and stillness. With an extremely grounding blend including Vetiver, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Clary Sage and Marjoram, Peace helps us deepen our connection to the peace and stillness that is always available and flowing through us. Peace helps you let go of control and excessive attachments, and return to peace.

When applying this oil, I like to repeat the Mantra “Peace begins with me” to remind myself that I can bring chaos to chaos, or I can bring peace to chaos – it’s my choice, and I choose peace and contentment.

PASSION: Our Inspiring Blend is a ridiculously delicious + fiery blend including Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ginger, Sandalwood, Clove + Jasmine, this blend supports those who are lacking inner passion. Overworking and being too serious can dull and dim our passion and dull our emotions and enthusiasm for life. This blend encourages us to take risks in following our heart’s true passions, breaking free from limitations to confidently face our fears. (Can I get a hells yeah?)

CONSOLE: The Oil of Consolation – inhale and let this oil crack your heart open and offer you a huge hug from the divine when you’re feeling like you can’t go on. This blend includes Franky, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood, and will help sooth emotional pain after long periods of extreme stress of trauma. This blend can also assist us in releasing emotional burdens and encourage us to open our hearts and take the first steps towards healing. This is a seriously beautiful blend offering support and comfort with grief, loss, anxiety, emotional pain.

As I said before – you don’t choose the oils; the oils choose YOU when you are ready to receive their healing. The want to support you! 

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