Two of the biggest Fears I see coming up for women who are wanting to step into their power and shine, is the fear of ‘outgrowing’ someone in their life – maybe a partner or a friend – and the second one is; ‘how dare I shine and celebrate my success (being it abundance, health, thriving relationships) when someone else in my life is struggling?’

If your bestie is struggling to pay rent and you’ve just had your biggest biz month ever and you’re so proud of yourself and your hard work and you’re finally receiving after months of blocking your success, do you share it with her? Or do you dim down incase you make her feel bad and don’t want to feel like you are bragging?

If you are feeling better than ever in your body and your bestie is always saying things like ‘I’m fat, omg I need to lose weight, I feel gross’ – do you go ‘ohh yeah me too…’ or do you share how amazing you’re feeling and what you’re loving these days?

Whenever you have an inner voice suggesting thoughts like ‘you’re just attention seeking’, ‘don’t say that because you might make her feel bad’, think about this; when YOU have been stuck in fear, struggling, in lack, wanting to give up – who was it that inspired you to keep going and keep growing and never give up? The one that inspired you to see things differently and choose again? Were you inspired by those who kept dimming down and complaining and gossiping, OR the ones that were stepping up and committed to shining their light?

So will you inspire them to begin their inner journey and their own healing through pretending you’re struggling too, or owning what you’ve showed up for and inviting them into their expansion too, just through your presence.

Women are collectively learning how to trust other women again, remembering that we aren’t in competition- so be an example of that, hold the light for them to begin their journey too.
Aim to surround yourself with those who expect your success and hold your joy up with their own.