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Kinds words from some of the beautiful souls I’ve had the honour of coaching and working with. 

Helle Square 2 “I began working with Tracey after many years of self-work and spiritual growth. I’d read all the right books, was very self-aware, had a number of ‘people-helping’ qualifications, and yet I wasn’t helping the one person who needed it most; me! I was stuck in a rut of self-sabotage; afraid of not being good enough, ready enough or worthy enough of the level of success I dreamed of. Movement toward my goals was an uphill battle; I’d lost my creative juice and needed support, accountability and a good kick-up the a** to move through the resistance. Then along came Tracey… thank God for Tracey, truly.

From our very first coaching session, I had aha-moments that changed the way I viewed myself and propelled me into inspired action. With Tracey’s support, each week brought new levels of understanding, confidence, joy, trust and clarity into my life. After 6 months of coaching with Tracey, my life completely transformed. I felt empowered. I loved and believed in myself. I felt aligned with my truth and deeply connected to what brings me most joy. And I still do. The transformation in my relationship with myself and the resulting decisions I make on a daily basis has been immeasurable and truly priceless.

If you feel called to coach with Tracey, do it! Her playful, caring, charismatic, no BS, intuitive, and soul-deep coaching style will ensure you feel cradled and prepared for your next life chapter, connected to your heart every step of the way and right on track for some major miracles to manifest!”

HELLE WESTON // Life Coach & Intuitive Healer // http://www.helleweston.com

Attachment-1“Before starting my coaching series with Tracey, I thought I knew myself pretty well- turns out I was wrong. I walked into these sessions with no direction to lead me anywhere, a loss in faith in myself and my head hanging low from some recent difficult situations life had sprung at me.

Tracey was able to understand and interpret these difficult situations and pinpoint things that needed to be worked on – things I didn’t realise myself. She was able to help me channel my emotions through strategies to deal with particular situations, and set fun and practical action steps for me to complete. She was so accepting and open-minded, non-judgemental, and completely focused at ‘honing’ in on me. She made difficult situations seem simple, and the impossible, ‘do’-able. 

I have walked through this 3 month coaching journey with Trace and have come out the other end with my head held high, never having felt better about myself. Tracey’s sessions set you up to charge at life head on, create the life that you really want, and to achieve self-happiness. It’s been a breath of fresh air that was much needed and I can’t thank Trace enough”


IMG_0736“Experiencing 1:1 coaching with Tracey has totally transformed my world. She held space for me and supported me while we worked to connect and align with my true self. I feel like layers have been shed, limiting beliefs challenged, and weights lifted. She is truly authentic and inspiring.  

Tracey brought so much joy, presence, humor, light, and love to every single one of our sessions together. She encouraged me to dive deep and uncover the real, good, juicy stuff we can all access if we are open to it.  

Trace is an absolute legend, a true soul-sister, and I can’t thank her enough for the huge positive impact she’s had on my life. “


Aishah“Thank you so much Tracey for helping me expand on and rediscover parts of myself I forgot I had. I feel I have grown so much in the past 6 weeks and what you have taught me is truly priceless! The shifts that have occurred and the changes in my thought patterns are amazing. Since working together I’ve opened up a hell of a lot more spiritually and become more in tune with my intuition – I am love more. On a daily basis and I keep my ego and judgements in check. I used to crave a good bitch session and used to judge all the time but now I find it really stupid and pointless and send people love instead! I feel so positive and so grateful! I now make more time for myself daily, I meditate regularly now and I’m going to start yoga! This has set the ball rolling for me in so many ways and I’m so grateful to have met you and for all that you have helped me with! So again thank you!”


12268622_984193641621969_613284518_o“Before I started the head to heart series with Trace, I was a complete lost soul. I had never felt that way ever before in my life and at the same time, I had never experienced true self love or happiness either. I was in limbo, caught between knowing where I was heading and where I wanted to be. Up to this point in my life I had “ticked all the boxes” – excelled as a child, moved out of home to the big smoke, got a boyfriend, completed my degree, got my dream job and moved into a beautiful apartment, but I still felt so unsatisfied. I had no idea where I was heading next and I was alone for the first time in my life.

My first session with Trace was a mess – I felt horrible for turning up. I was asked to explain what had made me show up and all I could mutter was “I’m so lost” between in a puddle of tears. The whole session all I did was cry and stare at the floor. From the girl who was meant to have it all together, to the girl who had completely lost the plot. Tracey completely flipped my life around. Not only were her sessions amazing, full of positivity, love and direction, but also her support throughout the entire period. On numerous occasions I had felt like I was struggling and going backwards – Trace was always there to help a sister out.

Her honesty, familiarity and caring nature made me feel like I was talking to my best friend. I have always struggled to open up, but Tracey made it feel so right. I cannot believe how much of a change I have made in only six weeks. I went from being unable to speak and open up to cracking jokes, discussing my blocks and expanding my beliefs. I ooze happiness and joy on a daily basis and have NEVER felt this much self love and confidence in my entire life! I was the biggest critic heading into the head to heart series, but by letting myself try something new, I was able to start my journey into the person I WANT to be – not the person I was told I should be. I still have weak moments and crap days – but who doesn’t? I have SOOOO much more growth left in me and I’ve only scratched the surface. Thanks to Trace and her head to heart series – I’m able to finally be happy. She will never understand how much love and gratitude I have for her, she started my life.”


ella“I was so lost, stuck in my daily routine, not feeling fulfilled or like I was living with passion or purpose. I was good at hiding it. I forgot myself. I forgot how to love. I didn’t know where to turn – what was wrong with me? This wasn’t me?
By a chance of pure luck, I found the beautiful Tracey Spencer. At first, I was a little skeptical, but somehow or someway, something inside me just said “you have to work with this lady”. And oh my goodness, thank gosh I did.

Tracey has seriously changed my life. I think what makes it so real is that Trace has been there before, and she totally 100% knows what you’re going through, where your mind is, and where you don’t want to be. Tracey taught me to live and love with passion and with purpose. I’ve never felt so safe and so secure within an environment, but Tracey holds the space for you to allow yourself to develop to your true potential. Investing in yourself is the best opportunity you can provide yourself with – I’m just devastated I didn’t meet Tracey sooner. A real life changing experience, and one that I will forever cherish.”


12277104_10153323447796158_466924386_nMy first session with Trace, I was a passionate little miss that was busy trying on many hats and who was riddled with fear.. In other words a hot mess.

Within weeks Tracey had me removing my armour (and hats) one by one, gaining clarity, curiosity and determination to get where I wanted to be. She had instantly became a friend and an accountability partner. If I were to name one highlight of my coaching experience, it would be the unforgettable support getting through my biggest public speaking event.

This lady whips so many tips and tricks out of her back pocket I certainly could not have gotten through the experience without her. I would highly recommend coaching with Tracey to anyone who is feeling stuck and wanting to push through fear.


fran“I met Tracey at the Perth 92.9 Mindfulness Morning and straight away I could tell she was what I had been looking for. In the short five minutes that Tracey spoke, I was captivated and needed to contact her for a coaching session. Tracey has inspired me in incredible ways that I wont ever forget. She has a real gift and is truly passionate about the work she does for others. I recommend anyone who is needing some guidance to contact her straight away . Thanks again Tracey for all your help.” – FRANCESCA SPATARA

shalako“Tracey, I cannot thank you enough! When I was listening to you speak at the Perth 92.9 Mindfulness Morning it was crazy just how much of what you were saying was really resonating with me. Your words made me stop and really question myself, and your inspirational words on social media kept striking a cord within me, which is why I jumped at the chance to work with you more closely and signed up for your Inner Power Mastermind group!

I really had no idea what I was getting into or what I expected to get out of it – all I knew was that this was something I NEEDED to do! I have grown soo much both spiritually and mentally over the space of 6 short weeks working together, and the changes I see in myself are incredible. I’ve learnt to really get in touch with myself and listen to exactly what it was my heart is trying to say, and have learnt to trust that “I’ve got this”. You have put so much into perspective and really helped me break through some of my negative barriers – its crazy what can happen when you get up into your head and just turn down some of the negative sh!*t and start to let your heart take over and fill your mind and life with love and light.

One of the best things about this whole experience was that you created a safe place for us to explore all of this. Your infectious, positive and down to earth attitude had me laughing , crying, questioning and challenging myself like I never thought possible. My life coach in freaking amazeballs! I also got to meet a group of beautiful, supportive woman to share the journey with. I never expected it but I ended up walking out of it becoming friends with some incredible ladies… My very own tribe of Soul Sisters and I love each and every one of them!

I’m so excited to continue my growth and this journey with you. I’m more determined and pumped now than ever! Thank you beautiful soul!” – SHALAKO ZUVICH 

cherie“After months of instagram stalking, I was drawn to your beautiful energy and felt a connection straight away. All your posts were resonating with me on some level and my intention was to connect with other souls on the same journey as me. Most importantly I loved how you were living out your calling in a BIG way!!

Throughout the 6 weeks of working with you in the Inner Power Mastermind Group, I feel I’ve had tremendous growth, heaps of ah-huh moments and some major breakthroughs. Oh and for the first time…real CONNECTION! A highlight for me was speaking out, using my voice and allowing my true self to shine through. And this is a BIG THANKS TO YOU for creating that safe and sacred place where I felt called to be the true me. It was my opportunity, the test to see if I was ready to show up. The biggest lesson for me was learning to trust myself way more and know that the Universe is supporting me 100%. You breathed extra belief into me and no words can explain how amazing that feels to be so supported.

My favourite bit about working in the Mastermind Group was the lessons I learnt from listening to the other girls. (Thanks girls for your support also!) 

Your authentic and down to earth intuitive coaching style is amazing. You are so welcoming and I felt you met me at my level, then helped me rise up. I’ve had so much clarity as a result of working with you, so THANK YOU!” – CHERIE GARDINER


jessica-kali-headshot“If I had to sum Tracey up in one word it would be real. She beams authenticity and her infectious fun-loving attitude lights up the room, here is a woman that seriously embodies cheerleader in every sense of the word. The thing I love most about Tracey though is her ability to cut through the crap to get straight to the heart. There really is no hiding from your own light in the presence of this beautiful woman.”

JESSICA BARTHOLOMEW // Women’s Empowerment Coach, Soul Mentor & Spirited Designer   http://www.jessicakali.com


“Tracey is a spirit-packed, luminous being that truly knows how to enjoy life. She will take you on an epic spiritual journey into your highest self, but you may not even notice because you’ll be having so much fun!”

VICTORIA BAUMAN // Life Coach, Writer & Speaker // http://www.victoriabauman.com 


“Tracey is one inspiring kick-ass woman with a heart on fire and a gift for injecting passion back in to your life. She is raw and real, and has the ability to draw out your truth and fully align you with yourself. She will never let you get away with being average, she’s here to make you shine!” 

BIANCA ROMEO // Life Coach // http://www.biancaromeo.com



katie“Tracey is light and joy incarnate! I love and adore everything about her and what she brings to the table for the next generation of young women living from the heart. Wisdom, integrity, compassion and just a little bit of sass to keep me coming back for more! It is an absolute honour and privilege to have Tracey as a regular contributor to the Pure Universe blog as our Wellbeing Wednesday feature writer”

KATIE EMMA // Owner of new age store Pure Universe // http://www.pureuniverse.com.au


laura“Tracey is one of those very special people in whose presence you feel innately supported and comfortable, who makes your heart glow when you hear them speak. She is an incredibly vibrant source of positive energy, passion, and words of intangible wisdom delivered with gentleness or with fire depending on what is needed, but always in the perfect way. She cares very deeply about empowering people to realise their potential and tap into their inner and ever-present joy and she is gifted with the most natural conviction and ability to do so. I admire her as a coach, writer, healer, mentor and friend, and I am blessed to know her.”



 chels“Tracey is one of those people who I cannot help but feel a deep soul connection to. She is a love-drenched soul-seeker who speaks from her heart and radiates so much love, light and joy. One cannot help but be inspired by her beautiful presence and the way she shows up, not only for herself, but also for her friends and clients. Blissfully authentic, Tracey is a gift unto this world. I am so grateful that our lives aligned when they did. To walk alongside her as a friend, coach and writer, I am one lucky woman! Thank you for beaming your light out into the World”.

CHELSEA ANTMAN // Life Coach // http://www.chelseaantman.com  


“I’ve had the privilege of working with this beautiful lady creating workshops to help others see their inner beauty. I couldn’t think of anyone better to help transform a persons life through her own inner joy and love.”

ANITA TROPIANO // Empower Your Spirit



“A year go I was in a REALLY dark place mentally, and physically, and with the support of Tracey I was able to get my health back on track, re-connect with my happiness, and simply just enjoy being alive! Its thanks to a little will power, exercise and the encouraging words of Trace that got me to where I am today! Thanks amazing lady!!”




“Tracey provided a loving environment where we could have an open, honest conversation. I walked away feeling uplifted and as though I had my own personal cheerleader, cheering me on as I embrace my true path and authentic self. She gave me ideas to move forward in my business, a personal mantra and some extra helpful guidance. I am now confident that I am on the right path and that I’ve got this!

Thank you Tracey for just being there and believing in me and my vision.”

 KAREN BARNWELL // Alternative & Holistic Health Practitioner 

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