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Kiss seriousness goodbye & make play your priority

Do you need a ‘too much seriousness’ intervention?

Think about the last time you let yourself loose to play- with no agenda attached. Can you remember when your joy juices were free flowing and you connected to your creativity with no needed outcome?

I have come to realise that playing is SERIOUSLY underrated, and it’s time to take a page out of our younger-selves book- and allow more playtime.

Soon enough we find ourselves in a vicious cycle of seriousness. It’s all do-do-do, go- go-go. Doing everything ‘the right way’ becomes so constricting that you don’t know when the last time you let your hair down and danced with your whole body smiling was.

Your work is serious, Your relationships, your clothes, your quest to find your purpose, your routines, your training, your eating- even the books you read are getting a little on the serious side. 


And if there’s no joy being brought to the table through playtime- then the scales have been tipped wayyyyy too far left my friend. 

What ever happened to bare feet, messy hair, dancing in the rain, playing outside until it gets dark, chasing the birds, finger painting, climbing trees,  jams around the campfire, building cubbies, showers under the stars- When did being a grown up mean that playtime isn’t a priority? (And no- getting pissed doesn’t count as play)

In the words of Fleetwood Mac- you can go your OWN way. Have more fun. Make play a priority. Do more of the things you love. Choose to feel lighter and shine brighter.

Smile because you can. Lighten up because you can. Colour outside the lines because you can. Choose joy because you can.

Play because you can- and because it feels frign good. 

All that serious shit- meh. Save that for the one’s thinking they need to do up their top buttons, polish their shoes and sit all day long while there is a big playground of awesomeness waiting outside to get down and dirty with. 

Rules, ‘shoulds’, ‘have to’s’, “this is how everyone else does it so I need to’s”, ‘gotta look the part’,’work work work’ beliefs are just boxing you in when you were born to be free. 


Real freedom starts with giving ‘shoulds’ the finger, opening your arms wide to show the World your heart and finger painting your own story on the blank canvas in front of you. You call the shots of the schedule in your own life- and I’m calling MORE PLAY.

10 Ways to Shake the Captain Serious;

1. Immediate lounge room dance party

2. Bare feet+ green grass or dirt or sand + being in awe of nature like a kid

3. Laughing Yoga (Ya- it’s a thing)

4. Have a shake-out and stretch in the sunshine

5. Set a 5min timer, get a piece of paper and coloured textas, and just let them meet the page however they want to.

6. Finger paint- you will surprise yourself with how much fun you’ll have

7. Cook some yummy raw desserts while busting out to MmmBop (yeah- it happened) 

8. Read a storybook with beautiful illustrations and re-spark your childhood imagination. 

9. Go for a bike-ride and reconnect with some of the sports and games you loved as a kid. 

10. Find a trampoline- and bounce away.


Let’s scratch the serious stories this week and get high on some play time. 

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