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So that voice in your head is starting to really piss you off, isn’t it?

Those fears and cray cray stories are still there, playing on repeat. They’re bogging you down and getting you absolutely nowhere, aren’t they?

Ohh I’m hearing ya!!!

One minute you’re on the money, living fully from a place of high vibes and possibility, and then the next, you’re comparing, telling yourself you’re far from good enough and feeling lost, confused and most of all, very alone.

On the surface you’re living one life, going through the day-to-day motions, ticking off all the boxes, doing what you ‘should’ be doing, but behind the scenes, you’re dreaming up a different way of being.  

Something feels off.

It feels like some part of you on the inside isn’t all in on this life you’re running on the outside.

It’s feels… uninspiring. You don’t feel energised and excited anymore… You don’t feel creative or confident either.

And you definitely don’t feel like this is the REAL you. But who is the real you then? Who knows!

You’re grateful for all you have – I mean things are pretty good and you have nothing to ‘complain about’, but when you get real about it, you know you’re not satisfied or fulfilled.

Actually, you’re far from it. And it scares the crap outta you!

Then comes those attacking thoughts again… ‘How the eff did I end up here? I use to be happy, carefree and full of passion!’ But you brush them off and just keep doing what you’re doing, thinking you’re over-reacting and there’s just something wrong with you because noone else seems to get it.

But deep down you know there’s more. More to this life and a whole lot more inside you that hasn’t yet been cracked open. You know you have a deeper purpose and there’s a part of you bubbling underneath the surface that’s about to blow if you don’t change something, and soon!


You’re sh*t scared to admit and follow what you’re heart truly wants

You’re stuck and sinking into the smallness of your thoughts

You’re pretending that feeling ‘blah’ in your body, career and relationships is ok

You’re sabotaging your happiness by taking two steps forward and three steps back every time you feel things getting into a flow

You’re looking to other people who are acing at life and facing their fears, but you are not sure if you’ve got what it takes to go after what you really want too  

Living two lives is exhausting (trust me, I know!!) Everything is a bit of a blur and making decisions is almost impossible because your head pulls you one direction, and your heart gently nudges you the other way. And you just end up confused and do nothing instead!

But what if I told you life doesn’t have to be like this? What if I told you that you could feel loved, purposeful, connected, inspired, creative, and freaking happyyy?

Because you CAN and WILL with the right kinda support.

spencer_126I guide women out of their heads and back into their hearts through my one-to-one coaching sessions.

During the three months that we work together, you will learn to tune in and take action on what your heart reallllly wants (note: it’s usually wayyy more fun and freeing than what your head is telling you to do!)  

No more of this running around in circles game, trying to please everyone and be someone you’re not, don’t you think?

Helle Square 2“I began working with Tracey after many years of self-work and spiritual growth. I’d read all the right books, was very self-aware, had a number of ‘people-helping’ qualifications, and yet I wasn’t helping the one person who needed it most; me! I was stuck in a rut of self-sabotage; afraid of not being good enough, ready enough or worthy enough of the level of success I dreamed of. Movement toward my goals was an uphill battle; I’d lost my creative juice and needed support, accountability and a good kick-up the a** to move through the resistance. Then along came Tracey… thank God for Tracey, truly.

From our very first coaching session, I had aha-moments that changed the way I viewed myself and propelled me into inspired action. With Tracey’s support, each week brought new levels of understanding, confidence, joy, trust and clarity into my life… After coaching with Tracey, my life completely transformed. I felt empowered. I loved and believed in myself. I felt aligned with my truth and deeply connected to what brings me most joy. And I still do. The transformation in my relationship with myself and the resulting decisions I make on a daily basis has been immeasurable and truly priceless” – Helle Weston // Conscious Life Coach + BodyTalk Practitioner

“I am so grateful for having had the support of Tracey for the past three months. She really helped me to believe in myself, to shine and to really open up to what can be in store for me. It’s been a life changing process and she inspired, supported and guided me along the way. Without her I would not have achieved setting up my own business and website in what I am passionated about. It’s easy to get stuck in self-limiting thoughts, but Tracey was so gently but honestly guiding me on my path. I can’t wait to really start this journey! Thanks a million Trace!”

Eefje Broenland // Minimalism Coach at Simply Content

I reached out to Tracey when my life was feeling a bit flat. A bit like ‘hmm, what shall I do
next?’. I felt pretty good, cruising along – just slightly inspiration-less. And I’d been following along with Tracey’s blogs for some time. She was talking real shit in way that totally made sense to me. I’d considered this coaching bit a few times but kept shoving the thoughts to the side in a ‘there’s nothing wrong with me, I’m super happy. Why the f would I need someone to coach me about life?’ kind of attitude.

Let’s just clear the air about a ‘life coach’ here because they don’t really have a set definition as such. I think the best way to describe a coach would be as someone holding space for you, in whatever capacity you need, wherever you are in your journey. And that’s exactly what Trace does. For me, she opened up a whole new way of thinking and a whole new perspective on life. Our conversations were always beyond inspiring and motivating. She’s as quick to pull you up and call bullshit as she is to reach out and offer support when you need it. And she does this with this insane intuition that she deploys 100% to help her sisters, which is what you become.

Chances are if you’re reading this then you already have the curiosity, or the energy pull, to connect and work with Trace. Do yourself a favour and do it! – Sara Greaves

12277104_10153323447796158_466924386_n“My first session with Trace, I was a passionate little miss that was busy trying on many hats and who was riddled with fear… In other words a hot mess. Within weeks Tracey had me removing my armour (and hats) one by one, gaining clarity, curiosity and determination to get where I wanted to be. She had instantly became a friend and an accountability partner. If I were to name one highlight of my coaching experience, it would be the unforgettable support getting through my biggest public speaking event. This lady whips so many tips and tricks out of her back pocket I certainly could not have gotten through the experience without her. I would highly recommend coaching with Tracey to anyone who is feeling stuck and wanting to push through fear” –Hayley Neil.

What happens in a coaching series together

  • We get super duper clear on what is and what isn’t working for you anymore and shift what needs to go
  • The focus is 100% on you and getting you closer to what your heart really wants (this is the wicked fun bit!)
  • We take a good look at those outdated beliefs and upper limits, which have kept you in the same old unsatisfying cycle and spice it the hell up!
  • You learn how to tune into and be guided by a deeper part of yourself (your very wise intuition, that is) and how to tell when your ego is taking the driver’s wheel again and keeping you in a negative spiral 
  • You are unique and I respect your personal needs for coaching. Each session is completely different and tailored to move you forward gracefully (yet quickly) with the aid of meditations, visualisation, worksheets, energy work and much more.


I work with women

  • Who are constantly in a head to heart tug-o-war and don’t know which way to turn, let alone, who to listen to
  • Who are after a no BS approach to creating a life that aligns with their heart and feels flippin’ good, not the age-old ‘but I should do this’ gig
  • Who are in the middle of a life transition and are freaking the heck out and need support realigning to who they really are
  • Who seek more purpose, passion and rad joy in their life
  • Who are creatives, entrepreneurs, teachers, or want to get cracking with an idea that’s been hot on their hearts for yonks but they just can’t seem to figure out the ‘how’ to actually make it possible, or they’ve been sitting around thinking ‘if it’s meant to happen it will’ for too long now and it’s time to take ACTION! 
  • Who have soo much they want to do, but are soo overwhelmed by the thought of where to start and paralysed with fear that they do nothing and can’t find the fire and drive to just frign get things done! (Hello procrastination and ‘I’ll do it later’!) 

What I bring

During our sessions together, I will:

  • Hold you accountable and lovingly call you out on your BS when you let the negative voice in your head take the driver’s seat again
  • Guide you back to your inner voice and help you to speak with confidence and ownership of who you are
  • Light a fire in you to get moving with your goals and dreams and break-it down so that you are well on your way before you can even say ‘I’ll start next week’.. again. 
  • Show you how to align you energy, and hardcore focus on what it is you are creating so that the Universe sit’s up and takes note, this is when the miracles start to become the new norm. 
  • Show you how to lead your life with love, intuition and true purpose (and to identify when you’re not!)
  • Help you to make powerful decisions with ease and clarity
  • Support you to take the leap from your comfy safety net into a life brimming with freedom and inspiration (and is frankly amaze-balls)
  • Help you identify and if possible, karate chop what is creating overwhelm, stress and anxiety in your life
  • Help you create a kick-ass relationship with yourself in a way that actually feels aligned in your body, not just pretending with the positive affirmations over and over.

3-month coaching package

  • 6 x 60min Skype sessions (once a fortnight) where we dive into the good stuff, plan your next steps and work through your current blocks.  
  • Energy and visualisation work specific to your individual needs
  • Worksheets, journal activities and Kundalini Yoga meditations to help you release fear, reconnect to your heart + bust through the blocks. 
  • Guidance card readings each session
  • Unlimited email support between sessions and during the 2 weeks following your final session

Prior to our first session together, you will also receive a questionnaire to complete so we can both get clear on exactly where you’re at, what’s keeping you here and get you to where you really want to be!

Let’s do this, together.

Your investment: AUD$400 per month // 3 months 


Still not sure?

That’s cool! I think it’s super important we vibe well before we make the commitment to rock some magic together. I offer you a complimentary 20 minute Skype session (for 3 month packages only) so we get to meet and chat before we make it official and see if we are a good match.

But here’s what I know for sure, NOTHING changes in your life until you show up and take action – especially when it scares you! 

Flick me a line on hello@traceyspencer.com.au and we will get this show on the road!

Excited to meet you!

Trace xo




About Tracey Spencer
Tracey Spencer is a life coach, speaker and Kundalini Yoga teacher who guides women out of their heads and back into their hearts. Through one-to-one coaching, mastermind group coaching, live workshops and her real and raw blogs and vlogs, Tracey not only encourages people to listen to their hearts, but to have the courage to take action on what they hear. She is the creator of the 8 week Head to Heart E Course and has a unique way of turning spiritual lingo into real talk, helping you to step up and own who you really are. Winner of the 2014-2016 Beautiful You Emerging Coach of the year Award, Tracey reminds you how much of a privilege it is to be you, and teaches you how to rock life from your heart and make an impact on the lives of those around you.