I’ve been going through a lot of internal upgrades and changes in my life lately that have called me to make some not so easy decisions. Making decisions can be really tough at times due to the fact that we automatically freak the eff out about making the ‘wrong decision’ soo much that we usually procrastinate and make no decision at all!

To make your life a little easier – especially if you are struggling with making a tough decision at the moment – ask yourself this big juicy question: “Is this moving me closer to my dreams, closer to my purpose, closer to my goals, closer to my true self? Or, is it keeping me from them?” 

That’s all we should ever base our decisions on in my eyes, choosing the direction that is nudging you closer to your full potential and the life you truly want to be living – well that and following the path that’s going to bring you the MOST joy obviously. (numbers + BS excuses aside please)


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I was chatting to a close friend about this a few days ago in relation to a decision I am trying to make at the moment. The thing with this decision is that it came out of nowhere while I was meditating on what my next step should be. It’s completely random, yet feels really natural? It’s just another one of those cheeky downloads that don’t care about life in 2 weeks time, they are thinking big picture deets only – and here’s why:

All we are ever being called to do is take the guidance we receive now, in this present moment, and put it to action. That’s our next step right there. 

Straight away your logical mind (usually just your fears in disguise) will come bolting on in with the “It’s not logical?! Are you crazy? Move country now? Drop out of Uni in your third year? Change career direction again? Sign up for another course? Nope, I can’t. There’s no way. I ain’t doing it!” – sound familiar? (oh hey fear!)

But let’s get real about things for a second – living your dreams isn’t really ‘logical’, is it? Because living your dreams requires you to go where 99% of the population never will in their lifetime – the unknown zone. Trusting that inner knowing, and the goosebumps all over your body, and the joy in your heart over all the other noise of “you shouldn’t do it because of this, this AND this!”

Don’t get me wrong, we need our logical minds to survive, but there comes a time where you have to question it’s motives and ask yourself if doing what’s logical is really helping you thrive right now? Is it reallllllly allowing you to be who we came here to be? Is it encouraging you to live your dreams, or is keeping you from them? Is it allowing you to be free, and fully expressed, and creative, and excited for life?

Living a heart-driven life isn’t logical, because our intuition isn’t usually logical. Quitting the ‘safe’ job isn’t logical. Starting a business, or pulling out of your Uni degree 3 years in, or moving country to be with someone you love isn’t really logical. That’s because dreams aren’t meant to be logical – they’re meant to be wild, creative, inspiring, risky, exciting, out of the norm and fun.

Your intuition is allowed to (read: meant to) override the rules. That’s its purpose. It’s guiding you. Not your friends, not your Mum or Dad, not your cat – it’s guiding YOU.

“I can’t do this until x, y & z.” “I can’t commit until I KNOW what will happen next” (heads up – you don’t even truly know what’s going to happen next from this moment anyway, do you? So how will it be any different).

The Universe steps in with its superpowers only AFTER you say yes. You have to step first, otherwise how is it meant to know that you’re serious about it? The Universe cheers you on loudest when you choose your heart and intuition over all the other minor details.  Seriously though, priorities people!

Every decision you make is an opportunity to move closer to the life you want and the person you came here to be, or keep you away from it. It’s always your choice, and it’s only ever as hard as you make it out to be. 

Let yourself be shit scared and more excited than ever before at the same time. That’s the sweet spot. Fear, self-doubt, second-guessing yourself a trillion times, feeling weird, getting growing pains, wanting to curl up in ball on the couch and hide from the World – that all comes along for the ride too, but not for long.  

Feel your decision in your body right now. In your heart – not your head. Does the decision feel good in your body? Or does it feel uninspiring, dull, heavy? Your body knows what’s up. 

The time is going to pass anyway. The money is going to be spent anyway. People are going to talk anyway – so you may as well follow what feels good FOR YOU, because that’s the journey you signed up for in this lifetime, remember?

Be inspired by your own life and follow the butterflies my friend.

They are always leading the way.


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