The past month has been a really interesting and awesome one for me. I turned 25, went on a holiday to Bali with my soulies, attended the Beautiful You Coaching Academy’s Bali Inspiration Day dedicated to the Divine Feminine, finished up the first round of my 8 week Head to Heart ecourse and was out of the blue intuitively guided and drawn towards new teachers and tools (which I now understand why!).

April was going to be a big month – I could feel it. I had my to-do list ready and was fired up and ready to roll with ideas coming out my ears! However, as I went to get cracking on them, my energy for them just disappeared. Gone. Seeya later. No desire whatsoever. And this is very unlike me! At first I was confused because I am a fiery Aries that genuinely does like to get shit done, but something inside was giving me the nope, not this time pal feels.

This is what I know to be true – creation works in spirals, not straight lines. All we can do is follow the guidance we receive in each next moment – especially when it makes no sense at all. Follow the flow, right?

So as I look back on the last month, things are starting to make more sense. It all fell into place after I recently had an energy balance and the blocks were all on receiving, feeling nourished and more specifically on a physical level – my reproductive organs. These sacred parts of ourselves aren’t just a physical part of us – they house emotions, beliefs, energies and so much more. And this part of us for women in particular, is so darn wise and sacred. This part of my body had been guiding me and giving me the signs all along – I just wasn’t paying attention.

++ This may not make sense to you just yet, but I love sharing and I truly believe there are some of you out there who are feeling off, disconnected and confused with your energy, feelings and emotions as well, so why not open up the discussion about it! ++

For those familiar with the energy centres of your body, aka chakras, there is a beautiful wise part of us women called the Sacral Chakra. On a physical level it covers the lower abdomen, reproductive organs and lower back. It’s the home of our pleasure, passion, sensuality, abundance (relationship with money and receiving), emotions (also stores a LOT of shame, guilt and fear) and feelings (ability to be vulnerable and soft), intimacy and connection (to ourselves, others and the Universe). This energy centre determines how we allow ourselves to experience life through feelings and sensations. It helps you feel the juiciness in each present moment. And this very word here – pleasure – I’ve come to realise is what’s missing for a lot of us.

Even the word makes some people cringe and brings up fear and ickyness for many – know you aren’t alone and you aren’t a weirdo if either comes up for you. And for this exact reason, I’ve been called to explore more of this part of myself. I’m not talking about this topic in a sexual way, although that absolutely is a part of it, I’m talking more about the everyday pleasures of life that we are missing right before our eyes. You know, like actually slowing the frick down and feeling again. Not trying to be everything to everyone and serve from a depleted place because that’s where we serve noone. Knowing ourselves on a deeper level and connecting to wise parts of ourselves that we’ve been turning a blind eye on or suppressing for far too long.

I am so excited to learn more about this groovy part of myself and if this resonates I invite you on the journey with me and let’s explore together!

How I am currently working with my Sacral Chakra and awakening more of my feminine energy;

First up – connecting with yourself and this particular energy centre. Put your hands over your lower abdomen, hips or womb area, or even as a starting point just sit in meditation and hold your awareness there, and just close your eyes and feel. Does it make you feel weird? Emotional? Ashamed? Blocked? Sad? Happy? Alive? Peaceful? Buzzy? There is no right or wrong, the point is to feel. You are so safe to go there. 

+ Tuning in to your body and getting real with how you feel.

Give yourself the space and time to sit and really feel your body from the inside-out, without judgement. Sit quietly and just feel into different areas with your awareness. Maybe at first you feel nothing, but stay with it. Let the emotions arise and really let yourself feel. Some prompts to get you started;  

– Are you someone that constantly has tight hips and currently feels stuck and rigid with life?

– Do certain parts of your body feel tight, tense and blocked?

– Does your heart space feel heavy or light?

– How does your throat feel? Open or closed?

+ Taking pleasure in the small things again.

spencer_090Like I said above, this energy centre is all about the sensations in our everyday experiences. It wants us to feeeel and experience sensations – p.s we are MEANT to feel. Smelling a rose, dancing, reading a book with a glass of wine and the snuggliest blanket ever, trying a different form of exercise, turning the TV off at night and lighting candles and playing acoustic music, stare at the moon or the blue sky, listen to the birds, light incense, cooking from scratch with new spices and flavours and singing at the same time, enjoying the best coffee you’ve ever had, long hugs, sleeping in flannelette sheets, Slow down and consciously feel and use all your senses again. 

+ Honouring and learning more about my natural cycles.

Have you ever taken the time to connect back to your own cycles – yep, I’m talking about your everyday energy cycles and rhythms and absolutely about your period! Rather than getting all weird and shameful about it, it is so empowering to understand this sacred part of us and all it has to teach us. It’s not just ‘something we get each month’ – beyond the physical reasons, there are many emotional, spiritual and energetic reasons why we have this divine monthly cycle. In ancient times, woman used to celebrate and worship this part of us, and I believe it is high time we start doing the same. My girl Sammie Fleming is so passionate about helping empower woman to embrace and understand our monthly cycles. She is teaching me so much about this, and myself, at the moment and I highly encourage you to jump over and follow her here.

+ Awakening your senses again.

When was the last time you actually ate slowly, mindfully and fully and soulfully tasted the flavours of your food? Enjoying a hearty, nourishing, delicious meal, rather than just plain ‘same old’ quick dish. Really go with your intuition here and ask yourself what flavours you are deeply wanting to feel nourished. I did this Friday night and went out for a Moroccan style feast. I don’t think I have ever been so happy in my life. The spices, herbs, warmth, scents, flavours, textures – slowly and presently actually tasting the food again. Isn’t it crazy how we forget that eating can be a spiritual and sacred practice too? Maybe you have become really rigid with your eating soo much that you have become rigid with your life, and aren’t really allowing yourself these simple pleasures to enjoy and be playful and joyful with. Nothing to be ashamed about – just hand on heart aware about. So interesting, right?

+ Sacred Essential Oils

These absolutely divine sacred oils intuitively came into my life over a month ago and now I understand why. DoTERRA are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils – literally pure, high vibration Mother Earth healing in a bottle. I have been using them every single day since receiving them – in my cooking, on my skin, in my meditations (either diffusing or I dab some on my third eye or where I intuitively feel the need on my body), on my pillow at night, diffusing in the house, in the shower and bath – they are awakening my senses, femininity and my sensuality in a way I did not expect them to. Specific scents have the capacity to elevate your mood, balance or calm your mind and energy and take any plain activity to a new level. These oils have been used throughout history for natural healing and spiritual purposes – they are not new to us at all.  

My 5 favourites at the moment;

+ Frankincense – “Perfume of the Gods” literally, this oil is divine. Liquid gold. I have been using it on my skin and in my meditations. Apart from the many physical benefits, it is said to help wash away old energies that may block your spiritual growth, and help deepen your spiritual connection. I have absolutely felt this, and wearing it on my wrist or a dab on my forehead, and even on my lower abdomen makes me feel like a freakin’ Egyptian Goddess.  

+ Lavender – The queen of calming and soothing. Perfect when feeling emotional or not expressing yourself clearly, Hello heart! I’ve been using it in the bath, on my blemishes, on a warm flannel as a face-toner, on my feet at nighttime and a drop on my pillow before I sleep.

+ Peppermint – Peppy-pick-me-up. Seriously, it took my bliss balls to a whole new level. As well as a drop in warm water for peppermint tea, or just cold water so you have the freshest of fresh breath and sniffing it to open up my airways and be instantly focused and alert. It makes me happyyyyy!

+ On Guard – Protection and Immunity. This is a beautiful blend of cinnamon, cloves, wild orange, rosemary and eucalyptus. Absolutely amazing. This powerful blends kicks germs away including negative energies and boosts your immune system, which is perfect during change of season. Add one drop into your hearty winter meals (spag bol!) and also Luke added a drop to his red wine to make it more ‘mulled wine’ vibes.

+DigestZen – feeling like you aren’t digesting things well – including parts of your life that seem to be hard to process. This tummy blend will tone that down for you, and ease those stomach niggles bringing a lot more ease and flow – in your stomach and also reflected in your life. Perfect if you are feeling ‘stuck’ aka constipated with your life and want to get moving forward again.

13161606_10153688015028613_425386646_oIf you are intuitively being drawn to these oils and learning more about them like I was, follow it! You are being drawn to them for a beautiful reason! I will be sharing a lot more about them in the coming months and bringing them into my coaching sessions and groups – otherwise you can join our sacred sisterhood and have your own set sent straight to your door.

Working with this high vibin’ plant medicine has unlocked a new creative flow and energy within me and reconnected me to my heart space (because life gets heady and cray cray at times!) They are soo powerful and healing – and if you have any questions on which oils would be best for you and your energy to start with, or if you would like some gorgeous samples sent to you so you can have a play – drop me a line on  hello@traceyspencer.com.au!

+ Mother nature

All of her = all of you. Honouring her seasons, her natural cycles, her creations, her power, her flow, her stillness, her silence and her voice, her oneness, her radiance, her colours – all of her. Actually feeling Mother Earth rather than just looking at her. Feet on the grass, sun on your face, fresh-crisp morning breeze on your cheeks, dirty hands in the garden, cooking with her nutrients, rain when it drizzles and then when it pours – it is all divine. It is all perfect. It is all a reflection of the beauty in you. Sit in awe of her, and in awe of yourself. 

+ Sacred Stillness 

spencer_224Since reconnecting to this softer part of myself, and moving deeper into my heart space, I’ve felt the urge to slow downnnnn soo much more. I am finding so much joy through sitting in my meditations much longer than usual and experiencing a deeper sense of absolute stillness and peace.  Not rushing out of them. If I am not listening to one of the mantras below, then I’m sitting in complete silence. I haven’t felt stillness like this before and I am excited and open to soaking up more of it, with no expectation. Set up your own sacred space and try it. It can seriously be in your garden, on a cushion or a special corner of your home. It doesn’t need to be fancy on the outside, because you’re showing up to appreciate the inside. 

+ Meditation Mantras – I am absolutely loving hard on mantras and divine meditations at the moment, especially slow Kundalini Yoga mantras and music. There is just something potent and deeply healing about them when you sit and fully receive and let the music and mantras wash over you. Have them playing in your meditations and just focus on the mantra, you can sing along if you feel called to or play them in the background. (like I am now while writing this!)

Some of my favourites are;

+ ‘Aad Guray Nameh’ – Jai-Jagdeesh

+ ‘Ra Ma Da Sa’ (healing mantra) – Snatam Kaur

+ ‘Ek Ong Kat Sat Gur Prasad’ (Expand into intuitive knowing) – Jai-Jagdeesh

+ ‘Gobinday Mukunday’ – Sada Sat Kaur (I dare you not to get emotional in this – absolutely stunning and straight to the heart)  

+ Being with other woman.

spencer_128Are you feeling the urge for more heart-to-heart in person connections? Being truly seen and heard? Holding the space for others and having the space held for you – there is seriously nothing like it. Nothing. When you see someone radiating a presence that feels familiar to you but also new, their sacred feminine and goddess qualities are present– salute them, but also remember that they are reflecting your own light, heart and energy back to you, even if you have forgotten it’s there, they are showing you now. They are reminding you.

This is why you need to nourish your connections and show up for your Sisters. Community, Sister groups, You might feel drawn to woman circles, working with a coach, joining a group program – follow your curiosity to create or be part of a sacred community as it is not leading you astray, it is leading you home. These women are mirroring a part of you that you is waiting to awaken too, and we need to come together now more than ever in order to do so. Let them hold that space for you while you remember and feel it within yourself.

Follow your desire to express and awaken a deeper part of yourself, it’s not ‘woo-woo’ it’s your truth and it’s beautiful, and needed. Honour it and give it the energy and attention is deserves and is longing for. It’s your power and your divinity. 

This part of you will not only heal yourself, but it has the capacity to heal those around you. 

You, divine woman, are wanted, needed and deeply loved and appreciated.  

All of you. Please don’t forget that, ever. 


( Photos by Keeper Creative)