On Saturday night I had the privilege of attending my gorgeous friend Rosie’s VIP Nude Yoga Class along with 11 other courageous Perth women. I was in Bali at the time that Rosie asked me to be part of the class, and I think I was too zenned out at the time to realise what I had just signed up for, but I was in.

By Saturday afternoon I could feel all the fears and stories brewing underneath the surface. “What if everyone else’s bodies are perfect?”, “What if I freak out?”, “What if i’m too this, or too that?” and the nerves started kicking in. I flicked Rosie a message and she replied with “This is normal- just trust x”

I head in to the beautiful candle lit, heated space at Twisting Peacock Yoga with just my Kimono on, and with a few giggles, and a few “did you girl’s go get waxes for this?” I soon realised that everyone else was in the same nervous butterflies boat as me. Rosie flows on in, and together we all tune in and ground ourselves into the room. With closed eyes, we are encouraged to melt off our kimonos and take a few deep breaths before starting the Yoga Flow. This is the part I thought I would be freaking out- to my surprise this was the exact moment where I knew my own light had just grown stronger.

You see, stripping the clothes to me is just a metaphor for stripping my own fear of being seen completely in my truth. The walls, the insecurity, the illusions, the stories, the layers, the BS, the masks, the false identities- there is nothing to hide behind anymore- both on and off the mat. Just truth.

“Each layer you shed – your light grows stronger”

The yoga sequence is a mix of Kundalini and Yin postures- each using the power of breath to bust through and clear any old stories. Within minutes, you forget you are even naked, and start to awaken a divine, powerful presence within. The postures were gentle, feminine and heart opening. And no- there were no downward dogs. Rosie’s calming, soothing voice guides you the whole time to stay deeply connected to your body and your breath and to allow yourself to be wonderfully open and vulnerable. 

As a life coach, my mission is to encourage people to face fears head on, expand themselves, and to have the courage to let go of the ‘layers’ and ‘stories’ and remember how right and how freeing it is for us to be in our truth – which is exactly why I knew I needed to show up bare butt on that yoga mat. 


What I learnt from Nude Yoga;

+ Nude Yoga is not even about being Nude at all. It’s about allowing yourself to be seen in your truth- no layers, no stories, no BS. Just you in your most open, vulnerable, brave, beautiful truth.

+ Women’s bodies (ALL of them) are soo much sexier than we give ourselves credit for. You will look at your body in a completely new way after this class. 

+ Women are meant to be soft, and gentle, and flowy, and feminine. Society has made it out of balance with our go-go-go, do-do-do, achieve-achieve-achieve, push-push-push mindset. We need more spaces like this to allow ourselves to be still and calm, and to soak up this beautiful goddess energy that we each have. 

+ It is safe to be seen in your truth- and it feels freakin good. After about 3minutes you forget you’re even naked, and you realise how good it feels to just flow unrestricted by anything. It’s nourishing for the mind, body and soul.

+ There is nothing more powerful than the strength, support and love of Sisterhood. We are ALL in this together, and we are all the same. We are meant to empower and lift each other up in our own beauty, not compete or compare. And no-one I know can hold this sacred, feminine space for you to grow, shift, heal, open, expand, awaken and remember, better than Rosie. 

+ The class is not about anyone else in the room but you, which is the same as life. Our Ego’s are quick to jump on the comparison train- but the whole focus in inward. It’s about our own journey, our own growth, our own healing. And through focusing on and healing ourselves- we are each healing the World

+ After Nude Yoga, is there anything you can’t do? Seriously…

+ At the end of the class we went around the room and each said a few words that we were feeling- “feminine, soft, comfortable, happy, supported, relaxed, calm, peaceful”, and then one girl shed a tear with us all and declared “My struggles with my self-image and my body issues went on for years, and now I’m free“. Heart goosies, right?


And now, as a result of this class, I commit even more to showing up naked (figuratively) in my truth more and more everyday- as a coach, a writer, a spiritual teacher, a friend, a speaker, a woman – not just for myself, but in the hope that it will inspire, awaken, and allow you to feel safe and empowered to show up in yours.


Special Shoutouts

+ All my sisters in the room showing up for themselves, and for something even more powerful- the sacred 11291269_10153023264578613_1023015923_nfeminine. The space we each held for each other was beyond beautiful and sacred, so celebrate your courage, honour your truth and keep showing up for it you legends- cheers to that!

+ Beautiful Mel from Twisting Peacock Yoga Studio- Thank YOU for being on board Rosie’s mission and to having the courage to do things differently for the greater good of all. And for creating a beautiful, warm, welcoming, supportive space for us! Check out Mel’s studio here


Rosie+ And to my gorgeous friend Rosie- Thank YOU for being an absolute Warrior of the Sacred Feminine and for showing up in your truth and your light to help us remember ours. Your mission to help women release guilt, shame, fear and insecurity from our bodies is so inspiring, so powerful, and soo needed in this World. What you are doing is leaving a powerful imprint on the World far beyond the 4 walls of that class, keep charging ahead!

Rosie is also my Kundalini Yoga teacher and you can read more about her and sign up for her next Nude Yoga Class here.

(P.S- If you turn your nose up at the thought of this, and start making up a story in your head about how gross, shameful, or wrong it is- maybe it’s time for you to get your bare ass to a class and free yourself from the stories first)

To sum up- Nude Yoga won’t make you feel gross, or weird. However you will leave feeling – Free. Connected. Lighter. Peaceful. Feminine. Strong. Empowered. Sexy. Calm. Powerful. Divine. Truth. Fucking Awesome.

Sign up, stretch your self-love muscle, and see for yourself, I dare ya!