Over the past 5 months I have been incorporating pure high vibin’ doTERRA essential oils into my self-care and spiritual practices. What I am noticing bigtime with my friends, clients and women in general at the moment is the need for serious self-care, support, nourishment, slowing down and deeper heart connection.

Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, the collective energy is changing (you may have noticed yourself experiencing heightened anxiety, cray cray thoughts, feeling ‘off’ and not knowing why, more tired than usual, feeling more emotional and not being able to control it? – Yah things are shifting, hang in there!) and in these times we need extra support. Not just physically, emotionally and mentally, but also energetically whilst we transition through these changes and upgrades. 

This heavily masculine way of being isn’t working out so much for us anymore. We’ve become unbalanced and very do-do-do, go-go-go, scroll-scroll-scroll that we are  so up in our head that we’ve become disconnected from our bodies and more importantly disconnected from our feelings. These oils help us open our senses, connect with our true feelings, keep our vibration high and strong, and help shift us back into alignment. 

I’ve listed the oils that I’m currently loving that are supporting me into greater levels of body awareness, non-toxic self-care, connection, slowing the shit down and awakening my femininity.



—- > Here’s what I want to make clear – the oils choose YOU. They come into your life for a reason at exactly the right moment that you are open to receiving them. The one’s you resonate with and feel most drawn to are moving towards you for a reason. They are here to support and assist you into balance and energetic alignment (and a high vibration state) so that your body can work it’s own healing miracles. Please always trust your intuition and let the oils work with you. These are just my suggestions and recommendations from my own personal experience, always listen to your own body – it’s knows what’s up!


Oils to support our monthly cycles and tone down ze PMS (can I get a hellllls yeah!)

Do you have the monthly feels of ‘great – got my frign period again’. I’m noticing that many women are holding a lot of shame, embarrassment, and judgement around their monthly cycles. Wouldn’t it be sweet if we started shifting that energy and embracing our cycles, and working with them to slow down, go within, soften and actually frign feel, rather than try and turbo our way through all the time when our bodies are screaming out for self-care, stillness and nourishment.

So if you are very heavily in your masculine (most of us are these days but we are slowly starting to balance, yay!) then these 2 oils will absolutely help you balance and awaken your beautiful feminine energy!

14689314_10154067441043613_1233768244_o+ ClaryCalm – I cannot speak more highly of this oil! Our very own women’s blend for women experiencing irregular or lack of cycle, hormonal breakouts, extra heavy flow or ridiculous cramping/bloating/gas. known as ‘The Oil of Vulnerability’ because it supports us during our most sensitive and emotional time of the month, and through our transition into menopause.

Until I started teaching oils classes, I never realised just how disconnected we have become from our natural cycles, to the point where some women feel gross and embarrassed just speaking about it. They legit HATE on it, and to me that’s got to change and I truly hope that this oil lands in the palms and on the wombs of all woman to support our cycles and clear the blocks we have to fully embracing it.

ClaryCalm can help naturally balance your hormones, regulate your cycles, ease PMS (cramping, hormonal breakouts at that time of the month, bloating) and helps balance us emotionally around this time when we want to curl up in a ball and cry on the couch all day. And night. Clary Calm is a blend of Clary Sage, Lavender, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Fennel, Carrot, Palmarosa, and Vitex and it comes in a roller bottle so it’s easy to apply a swipe each morning and night.

Whisper – One word; divine. Actually two words; divine feminine. This oil will replace your perfume and I guarantee you won’t go back. It is the blend for femininity, and wearing it will help you balance your masculine and feminine energy. If you’ve been rejecting your femininity and not accepting that beautiful, natural, creative part of yourself – than this is your oil to start to embrace and awaken it.

Oils for hormonal balancing and reducing stress levels 

As well as your ClaryCalm;

Geranium – This beauty in a bottle helps stimulate the adrenal cortex – which assists with balancing and regulating our hormones, as well as relieving anxiety and stress relief. This is a gentle oil that can be used with bubba’s too. Geranium helps us trust, forgive, open  up, and is a Queen oil for healing the heart.

Lavender and Lavender Peace (blend) will support you in keeping your anxiety and stress levels as low as can be.. The go-to oils for calming and relaxation. 

Clary Sage – Assists endometriosis, PMS, emotional stress, cramps.  Rub a couple drops into the abdomen for menstrual pain, apply to soles of feet to balance the hormones. Clary Sage also helps you open your mind and imagination to see things clearer and from a higher perspective.

Oils to ease Anxiety/Overwhelm/Fear/Scatter-brain

Lavender – You don’t know lavender until you’ve experienced it in it’s purest form (ie not grandma shampoo/toilet spray poor quality $5 from IGA lavender). Not only the ultimate oil for relaxation, it is also incredibly cooling and calming for any skin irritations. Add a drop to water for a spritzer, rub on the temples to help ease anxious feels, and rub on your feet to help you sleep! Lavender is our “Oil of communication” – when rubbed over the heart and throat, it can help us clear our communication channel and speak authentically and clearly from our hearts. Which let’s get real – how many of us are blocked in that department and struggle speaking up, and more importantly struggle listening to our inner voice of wisdom and truth! Yah!

+ Lemon – Apart from it’s obvious detoxification properties (one drop in warm water = no more squeezing lemons for daysss), lemon helps us focus, stay mentally alert and connected, and helps elevate us into a more joyful, positive space. If your house is feeling meh energetically, or you feel things are stagnant, diffuse this in your home and mix with tea-tree to wipe all your benches down.

+ Easy – Air – also known as breathe. A full deep belly breath, remember what that is? Most of us aren’t breathing properly, and when we aren’t breathing properly we feel unclear, scattery, unfocused and we aren’t truly receiving life. Most of us are shallow-breathing our way through life and wonder why things aren’t flowing for us, maybe that’s you? Easy-Air will replace your Vicks Vapour Rub. Blocked noses, snotty noses, colds and flu’s, needing help opening the airways before training/ helps ease asthma and hay-fever symptoms.

Side-note; If you regularly have a blocked nose, ask yourself this; Where am I blocking my intuition? Where am I not listening to my body’s needs? Where am I constantly pushing, forcing and trying to control things instead of letting go and trusting life?

14699499_10154067428698613_963393456_o+ Peppermint – Pick-me-up. 3pm slumps – inhale this badboy and you’ll be awake in no time. Enjoy one drop in warm water for peppy tea, drop in the palm and inhale – then lick your hand and you’ll be pingin’, as will your minty fresh breath. Rub on the back of your neck to ease hot flushes and cool the body down (you’ll keep feeling it) and excellent to use in conjunction with lavender to cool sunburnt skin.

+ Ylang Ylang – “Oil of the Inner Child” Encourages freedom, playfulness, heart-healing and
joy. Helps you drop into your playful, light-hearted self and assists in connecting you to your intuition and your ‘hearts knowing’. A fave for me at the moment!

+ Vetiver – This is a powerful oil for grounding, re-centering, calming the nervous system and feeling rooted in the present moment. Also the bomb-diggity natural sleeping pill – this will knock you out when rubbed on the wrists or soles of the feet before snoozin.

Hormonal Skin – Ughhh a pain in the face, right?

When I intuitively came off the contraceptive pill a little while back, my skin went into crazy town to try and re-balance how out of whack my hormones had become due to the bandaid affects of the pill. I’m finally starting to feel and see my skin back to its balanced and radiant self, thanks to chucking a lottt of toxic shit out just using oils to naturally heal and nourish my skin. If you’re struggling and getting frustrated with your hormonal skin (especially those jaw and chin suckers – ouchees) please know you’re not alone, and you can balance it out naturally and lovingly!

New product shots with some blank mockupsHD Clear – This is an absolute ripper spot treatment, or you can apply a thin layer over larger areas of skin on the face and body if needed to help clear up blemishes.  It’s a sweet mix of Tea tree, Black Cumin Seed Oil, Ho Wood, Litsea Berry, Eucalyptus, and Geranium essential oils, which are well known only for their skin soothing and healing benefits.

You know when you can feel one of those painful, deep pimples forming under your skin, especially around your jaw and chin area? Yep – this will help them disappear and clear over in no time! It’s a clear oil too, so you can wear it anytime!  

Tea Tree + Lavender (anything this oil can’t do?) – both are the ultimate wing-woman for breakouts, blemishes, skin redness and irritations. 

Frankincense – This oil is the powerhouse of all oils, Not only do you instantly feel like an Egyptian Goddess when you wear it, it has amazing anti-aging , cell rejuvenating and hydrating properties. Add a drop to your moisturisers, use on scars/skin irritations, sweep a small amount under the eyes when dehydrated/dark circles and over any fine-lines and wrinkles. One drop over the third eye before meditation. You can use Frank on absolutely anything, you’ll never go without it once you use him!

Oils to balance and open your Sacral Chakra 

Physically located in the pelvic/sacral area, our sacral chakra is our energetic home of our feminine flow, abundance, joy, creativity, emotions, pleasure, sexuality and our ability to experience the juiciness of life. If you feel stuck in your life, bored, rigid in your hips/lower back, feel blahh, low libido and feel un-inspired with life – then this chakra needs a little extra love to help get it’s flow back.

If your sacral chakra is blocked/unbalanced/depleted you’ll might be experiencing some of these symptoms;

  • constipation
  • back pain or crazy cramps
  • urinary and kidney infections
  • ovarian cysts
  • depression, insecurity, jealousy, fear
  • low self-esteem
  • lack of libido
  • lack of joy, creativity, passion and happiness
  • constant self-sabotage
  • feeling stuck and blocked in your life

+ Wild Orange or Citrus Bliss (blend) – Both of these oils are spot on for the Sacral chakra and can help generate that joy, abundance, playfulness, creativity to get that flow moving in your life again. Wild Orange is beautiful to use alongside your manifesting/journalling and gratitude practices as it’s our ‘Oil of Abundance’. One drop in water and drink (my fave to drink), wear as a perfume, put a drop in your wallet to help bring abundance into your life, or simply drop in the palms, rub the hands together and inhale anytime you need a mood boost. I always diffuse citrus bliss when I’m writing, such as right now. 

+ Digest-zen – Not just for the physical benefits (digestion niggles, bloating, constipation, cramping, gassy, heart-burn, travel sickness) – but it will create some heat and ‘digestive fire’ to ignite your passion and get you out of procrastination like there ain’t no tomorrow! One drop in your water, stir and drink, or diluted and rubbed straight over the belly as needed.

+ Bergamot – “Oil of Self-Acceptance”. A b-e-a-utiful anti-depressant. It helps us release self-judgement and low self-esteem., and assists with self-acceptance, confidence, and feeling good enough . Helps us clear stagnant emotions and limiting belief systems that are holding us back, and assists in loving ourselves unconditionally. 

Mood Management 

Whether you need assistance balancing your moods, elevating them, calming them or you want to feel uplifted, inspired and energised, then these oils have your back. Let me break it down for ya!14689970_10154067624773613_1792425836_o

Our Mood Management Kit; 
+ Citrus Bliss – Invigorating blend. Uplifts and inspires. Motivates and energises. Great for creativity, joy and abundance. When feeling stuck in your life and want some flow back – rub into your womb area or diffuse/inhale like there’s no tomorrow!

+ Lavender Peace – Calming blend. Seriously, the bomb. Rubbing onto the soles of feet before bed, temples for headaches, one drop on your pillow, inhale when anxious/stress to help you breatheeee and calm your farm. Beautiful blend diluted for kiddies too!

+ Balance – Grounding Blend. This is sexayyyy when guys wear it, just FYI! Whenever you’re ‘up in your head’, overwhelmed or ungrounded, this is your go to. Rub into soles of feet for grounding into your body and inhale as much as needed through the day.

+ Elevation – Joyful Blend. Elevates us out of low energy/fear/fatigue and back into a joyful, playful and open hearted state. Yum. I diffuse and wear this as a perfume a lot! Helps with depression and with staying positive! Sunshine in a freakin bottle!


14643054_10154067441018613_777184544_nAromatic Dressing –  The ULTIMATE Self-Love and embodiment ritual.

Soo many of us women are ‘doing all the right things’; saying the positive affirmations, doing the medi’s, drinking the green juices – but something that I’ve seen first hand that’s missing is truly being in our physical bodies. We’re good at being up in our heads and connected there, but the real magic is when we are grounded and connected in our physical bodies.

So check in with yourself, how aware are you of your physical body? Do you feel safe, grounded, clear and strong in your physical body and energy, or are you very up in your head , a bit spacey and unfocused all the time? You’ll know!

Something I’ve been teaching in all of my oils classes is a ritual we call Aromatic Dressing, because I know the power of this simple, yet extremely healing self-love practice and I wish  that every woman was doing it daily. This is about connection, self-acceptance and truly receiving self-love. Not just thinking it, but feeling and anchoring it.

This 5 minute daily ritual raises your vibration, makes you smell like a goddess, moves stagnant energy and emotions in your body and connects you to those parts of you that you look at in the mirror and hate on. It also helps tone down cellulite – bonus! Yep, let’s start healing this heart-body connection so you can feel radiant, confident and get your glow on bigtime.

The bomb-diggity self-love blend – (I also diffuse this blend when I’m feeling the feels)

2 drops of Frank, 2 drops of Wild Orange and 1 drop on Lavender mixed with 10mL of doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil (or a carrier oil of your choice!) and rubbed all over the skin working from the feet up to the heart. Consciously spend time on the ‘blah’ areas to rub and move blocked energy and improve circulation in these areas. Spend extra time around the inner thighs, glutes, stomach and breasts – really receive in these areas and I guarantee you’ll start to feel different in your physical body. First and foremost you’ll feel IN your body, maybe for the first time in a long time..

Please always respect the potency of these Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade doTERRA Essential Oils (top-shelf in quality and purity, meaning they are powerful!) and let your body intuitively connect and work with them.



Good news goddesses – If you haven’t yet started with your own oils but you are ready to start working with them – then October is a bloody great month to do just that!! If you welcome these oils into your home during the month of October, doTERRA are generously gifting you a BONUS 50points (approx. $55AUD) to spend on the oils of your choice in the coming months to help you convert your household to a toxic free, oiled-up palace (VERY COOL doTERRA!). 

If you need help with something specific – sleep, digestion, dermatitis, migraines, oils for your spiritual practices, cooking, non-toxic cleaning, immunity boosting, motivation, shoulder tension, focus, cramping, or you wish to know which oils are safe to use with your bubba’s and you don’t know which one’s to start with – please reach out and I’ll help guide you with some recommendations.

If you are ready to grab your own oils and join our flourishing Sisterhood then jump over here to follow the online steps —-> CLICK HERE.

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The information contained on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. If you are pregnant or trying to conceive, please educate yourself on which oils are and aren’t recommended and safe to use at these times.