One thing I know for sure, belief is EVERYTHING.

Belief in the invisible that you can’t quite see yet, but you feel it stronger than anything you’ve felt before

Belief that the Universe is always taking note of your commitment to your Light

Belief that anytime you invest in your dreams before you’re ‘ready’, miracles multiply by tenfold

Belief that everything is unfolding in perfect time, even when you really want to hurry up and ‘get it / create it / achieve it’ now

Belief that the hard conversations and the extra space right now is so that more can flow through you than ever before

Belief that things are always working out for you, even when you think they’re not, they are

Belief that you have everything you need in this moment to take the next step towards your mission

Belief that the universe is guiding you in all moments beyond what you can see

Belief that your vision chose YOU and your quirkiness and creative badassness to birth her into the 3D, and the fact that she chose you ticks the ‘you are enough’ and ‘you are worthy’ boxes straight off the list

The ONE thing between you and the people out there ‘killing it’, is they just decided to choose belief over all the other BS stories that would try to convince them not to play bigger

Ask yourself – ‘if I fully loved and believed in myself and my vision, what would I do? And more importantly, what would I stop doing?’ 

And then get out there and do it!