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A lesson from a duck.

A little bit of self-love work for you all on this beautiful Saturday morning. I want you to think about the last time you stood tall, confident and bulletproof- and were just being one-hundred percent YOU. Can you think of it?

Everyone has this crazy need to have the approval of other people. To be accepted by society. We are always striving for the acceptance of someone else- when most of us haven’t even learnt to wholeheartedly accept ourselves first. Did you know that it takes SOOOO much less energy to just be yourself then to force yourself to be what everyone else expects you to be?? My gosh you would have soo much more energy to get all of that stuff you have always wanted to do done!! Rather then waiting for someone else to tell you if you should or shouldn’t, or to wear this colour because that colour is soo last year, or to not taking that crazy opportunity because someone else out there in this insanely huge world just might disagree with it.



Get Creating Superman!

Have you ever stopped for a moment and thought about life. Like really thought about it? Thought about what you have experienced? What is out there still waiting to be experienced? Why people do what they do? Why people don’t do what they want to or should be doing? As you can probably guess- I do it all the time. It is a marvellous thing just to sit and think. And imagine, and even to create.
And you might read this and think here we go again, another hippie talking about how you can create your life and it’s all so easy and rah rah rah. But I encourage you to just consider it. Consider the thought of it, the possibility.  Consider that today- right in this very moment, you can make a decision not just to try –but to feel. To create.  Because you my friend- are a POWERFUL CREATOR.
Yes I’m talking to YOU! Sitting there acting all innocent just doing your thing, whilst you are actually sitting there reading this in your invisible superman cape. Pretty cool isn’t it? Did you just turn around and check if it’s there? You don’t need to see it to believe it friend. You just need to feel it. Feel your OWN power to create in every inch of your body. Did you ever stop and acknowledge that there are up to 200 million trillion cells in your body, constantly creating new wonderful cells just for you. NO ONE ELSE- but you. A unique creation of love and light.And we are all made up of these exact same cells- vibrating, loving and creating new bubbles of love every minute of the day. 


You are a magnet
The sooner you realise this- the sooner you can start creating the life you want.


Thoughts become things. The law of Attraction. Like attracts like. Heard that before haven’t you? How many times have you got out of bed and maybe not had the best start to the day when you’ve dribbled milk down your work shirt or booted your little toe on the table (man that hurts!) and then in a split second started believing the world is out to get you. And then another thing goes wrong. And another. And another. And soon you are having the worst day ever imaginable and nothing goes right and you feel like crap and this person said something mean to you and then you got a flat tyre… see what I am getting at here? It can be hard to take at first- but like I said- you are a magnet. And whether you are switched on positive or negative mode- that’s what the Universe will fire back at you.
Every single day we have the choice to take our power and put it to practice. It just takes practice. And practice. And practice. We have been programmed into robot mode that we just go about our days and life is tough and things happen that we don’t want. Well I don’t really buy that at all. But apparently that is the way it is- Unless you decide to challenge it. Experiment. Laser focus into something you truly desire, and do not doubt for one second you won’t get it. Don’t face reality- create reality. 
So a word of warning when you are sending out your powerful attractive rays- make sure you are being super clear on what it is you want. The universe only tunes in to what you are thinking about- so make sure you phrase it so it is super clear. And also- when you are sending out the vibes- feel them and act as if you already have it all. Right in the palm of your hand. It’s all about learning to fake it until you make it.
Here are some classic examples of how a simple play on words changes the flow;
“I don’t want to be fat.” –“I am totally healthy, energetic and slender”
“I don’t want to work here” -“My boss treats me with respect and I am appreciated in my job”
“I don’t want to be lonely” –“I have a wonderful new relationship”
“I don’t want to be broke”- “I am prosperous
And the most simple one that usually eliminates all our fears- “I AM GOOD ENOUGH”
Here’s a little homework for you- focus on an area of your life that you want to change. And write down all the crazy things that are standing in your way- Time, money, people, not enough paper, wifi might crash, I might break a nail, there isn’t enough coffee. Anything. Get them allllllllll out on the table. Then flip them. Change the way you think about them. How much lighter do you feel? It’s fun isn’t it? Pick something and for the next 2 weeks write it down 20 times a day and read it to yourself. Sing it in the shower. Say it to yourself in the car. Anything. Just PUT IT OUT THERE. And the Universe will do the rest 😉 
What could possibly go wrong when you are in charge?

Show up- Shine on


In the past few months I’ve been really noticing people that are out there creating and really going for their dreams. The ones that have one day woken up to a message from within, changed their direction and answered a calling to show up in the World and serve in a new light. Coaches, Healers, Writers, Spiritual teachers- they are showing up more and more with our combined mission to bring more light to the World. 

Not long ago many of them would have had to make a big decision and take a leap of faith to really go for it. To leave what they were doing to follow the voice in their hearts- their truth. It seems super scary at first, but only way that happens is by courageously putting One. Foot. In. Front. Of. The. Other- even when you can’t see where the next step is going. Just starting. Answering the call. Following the guidance that is given each day, Keep showing up. You can’t future trip and overwhelm yourself with how much there is to do- because then you will do nothing. 

The roller- coaster to creating your dream life comes with challenges, obstacles, ‘what the eff am I doing?’s’ and a whole lot of other groovy stuff.


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