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I’m struggling with my fears.

I'm struggling with my fears. (1)

Over the last couple of days, maybe even weeks, I’ve been smashed with some major self-doubt.

I haven’t felt that feeling hanging around so strongly for a while as I’ve just been zoned into my mission of serving others, growing myself and growing my business. I think the moment I came up for air was the moment the self-doubt crept back in.

But here’s what I know, self-doubt is always an opportunity to open to more love. It’s an opportunity to have your own back, believe in yourself even more and keep going. If you focus on the doubt, your mind will keep making up stories of why you should doubt yourself… which is exactly that – stories.

A breakdown is usually the first step of the breakthrough process.

So my self-doubt and resistance over the past week was really about that lovely belief many of us struggle with that’s constantly reminding us we aren’t good enough. Oh the classic production of the inner critic, mean girl, ego – whatever you want to call it. It’s a story that’s always lurking in the background waiting to pop it’s head in during any moment of weakness.

And I copped it bigtime yesterday.

Being in the ‘I’m not good enough’ mindset stems from a fear-based belief that we lack something. That we need ‘fixing’. The belief that we are missing something that will make us complete, whole, loved, worthy, successful, perfect. (more…)

What’s stopping you from rising?

There will be a time in your life – actually there will be many times – where you will get the chance to rise up.

You get the download, the memo, the cue, the opportunity, the sign, the glimpse, the vision, the tingle up your spine – and you just know. 

You just know that it’s time to make a change. It’s time to step up your game. It’s time to up a level or two. It’s time to push the zone.

You see it in others, and you start to feel that that’s where you want to go too. 

You recognise that they are lighting the way for you to go.

They are showing you what you too can do.  

This is the moment when you will get the chance to show up for yourself bigger and better than ever before.This is the moment when you will get the chance to choose your heart, over all the logic in your head.This is the moment when you will get the chance to show the Universe you mean business, and that you accept the invitation to more awesomeness.

It’s when you know that you want real love. That you deserve real happiness. That you are ready for greater abundance to flow. That you want to step up and live your purpose – but for realsy this time. 

No more hiding. No more holding back. No more permission slips.

It’s time to open up and lay it all on the table ready for next level of love.

So the question is, if you know that this is what you want, then what is stopping you from rising right now?


Today I feel different. Life feels different.

Today I woke up smiling before I even opened my eyes.

I tuned into my body and felt a deep sense of peace and contentment wash over me.

My first thoughts were ones of gratitude and excitement.

I feel radiant, and magnetic, and joyful, and sexy – all at the same time. 

I feel inspired and eager to learn, to wake up earlier, to spend more time in nature, to write, to create, to soak up more wisdom from others, and to teach more of it too.

My vision board lights me up more than ever because I know that I am now connected to my purpose, and the Universe has my back the whole way. These dreams don’t seem far away like they used to. I see them, I feel them. I know in my heart they are completely do-able, and are on their way already.

My heart is overflowing with love for my partner, my beautiful soul sisters all across the World, for you, for my teachers and mentors, for the people I haven’t even met yet, and all the amazing one’s that are flowing into my life. I feel grateful because I know that I have attracted them.

Your heart is a reflection of mine, and mine of yours. 
Your light is a reflection of mine, and mine of yours. 
That’s why you’re here, because you want to remember too.

You just don’t know it yet.

I feel so grateful for the girls in my Head to Heart course with wide eyes and huge hearts (they don’t even know how huge their hearts are yet – they just walk in like it ain’t no thang), eager to learn more about themselves and to start blossoming into their own journeys.

I feel so proud. So connected. So alive.

All the worries I once had are just melting off my shoulders.

There is no stress in my body.

There is no overwhelm or anxiety in my mind.

There is no fear for the future.

I’ve arrived completely in this moment.

I feel different.
Life feels different.

Simple things seem even more magical.
The World looks different. It’s lighter and brighter.

I feel happy.
I feel at peace.
I feel expansive.
I feel free.
I feel loved.
I feel whole.

I didn’t feel this way even 3 months ago, I was getting there but I hadn’t arrived.

But now, my heart is open just like it was always supposed to be.

I’d just been living in my head for too long that I’d forgotten what it’s meant to feel like.

And now I remember,

I remember that THIS is what life’s supposed to feel like.

There is no greater feeling than living in your heart space.

Your head can’t feel these things.
Your head can’t feel love. Or joy. Or peace.
Your head can’t attract amazing people into your life.
Your head can’t let you be carefree and in awe and joyful and excited all at the same time.

But your heart can, so that’s where I’m hanging out.

And what makes my heart happy dance even more is messages like this from the ladies in week 4 of my Head to Heart course;


“Just had a massive curve-ball thrown at me. Usually this kind of thing would destroy me for a few weeks and I would let it swallow me. But I let myself be upset for a few minutes, and let the universe guide me to a better perspective. 4 weeks ago, I wouldn’t have been able to do this Trace!”


All the small daily actions, simple mindset shifts and manifesting are all starting to click and it is the grooviest thing to witness.

That’s all it takes – SMALL daily steps. One day at a time.

Which is how I got to this space today.

Which is how you will get to where you want to go. 

Where your heart wants to take you. 

Your heart is the anchor point of your life, your dreams, yourself.

And it will guide you one day at a time if you let it. 

Because it’s the small things that actually turn out to be the biggest.

And what I know to be true – it’s ALL about energy. YOUR energy. 

Hang out in your heart and watch how life suddenly starts transforming before your eyes even better than you could have imagined.

Suddenly life will feel different to you too. Life will look different to you too.

You won’t recognise yourself.

It’s like you just had to take off a pair of foggy-glasses and to let yourself see clearly again. 

The person looking back at you in the mirror isn’t the same one that was there weeks ago.

They’re glowing. They’re eyes are lighter. They’re smiling again.

You were never alone.

You never needed fixing.

You just forgot, like we all do.

Tap back into the you that’s been here all along, waiting.

We need you. 


If you want in for Round 2 of my 6 week Head to Heart online course starting in 2 weeks – drop me a line on hello@traceyspencer.com.au to get the sweet deets. 

You can also read up a little more on the course here.

Don’t be afraid to open up and let your magic out.

You are needed..

All love X

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