ready to own who you really are and 
rock your light?

ready to own who you really are and rock your light?

rock your light is an invitation, an energetic upgrade, and a crank of the dial for those ready to live the life of their dreams.

—Rachel MacDonald, business coach and writer

When you let self-doubt call the shots,

you’ll only ever scratch the surface of your potential 

You’re always going to feel like something’s missing while looking to everyone else for the answers.

You’re waiting until you’re ‘ready’ before you back yourself enough to take the bold actions and show up for your dreams.

But we don’t need any more perfectly polished people.

We don’t need more people dancing around their dreams and hiding their hearts.

And we absolutely don’t need a diluted version of you any longer.

What the world needs is YOUR LIGHT cranked up and on high-freaking-beam.

this is how you

“real talk for spiritual entrepreneurs

—Rosie Rees, founder of Yoni Pleasure Palace and Women’s Nude Yoga

It’s time for you to step boldly into a life of greater

…the kind that comes from having the courage to follow the calling in your heart.

“warning – this book may cause you to swap fears, excuses and self-doubt for unshakeable self-belief!”

—Amanda Hill,
 women’s mentor

But you find yourself constantly overthinking it and trying to be perfect before you put it out into the world.

What if this isn’t the right move?

What if it’s not good enough?

What if I’m not good enough?

Rock Your Light is the remedy to the voice in your head that says you need to be any different to who you are to bring your big-hearted dreams to life.


It’s the book that helps you unsubscribe from struggle and ground into your gifts so you can use your creative expression to fuel your way forward.


Filled with potent, punchy lessons that are bound to become your daily anchors, this book takes age-old teachings and delivers them in a fun, fresh new way. 

Rock Your Light is about how to make shit happen while rocking your light on max brightness. It teaches you that when you go big, the universe will go bigger.

rock your light is a guide of potent and powerful lessons for those here to big heart work in the world.

—Sammie Fleming,
 life coach and sacred circle facilitator

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the lightworkers toolkit Includes:

  • Kundalini meditations to open your heart and ground you into your visions
  • Sit in ceremony with your vision guided process to stay anchored in your lightwork when the self-doubt comes knockin’ 
  • Tools to cleanse and expand your energy
  • Audio pep-talks to karate-chop your fears fast
  • Straight-talkin’ teachings to help you integrate lessons from the book
  • Journal downloads to get your creative juices flowing

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“tracey spencer is the straight-talking spiritual voice that our generation needs…”

—Victoria Bauman,
leadership coach, breathwork facilitator

“potent, profound and delightfully playful…”

—Tessa Lloyd, founder of The Art of Insight

Award-winning coach, speaker, and founder of Lightworkers Academy, Tracey Spencer teaches you how to overcome fear and generate a deeper connection with your higher self so that, as a lightworker, you can fiercely trust your inner voice and take bold actions towards your dreams.


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