So that voice in your head is starting to really piss you off, isn’t it?

Those fears and cray cray stories are still there, playing on repeat day in and day out.

They’re bogging you down and getting you absolutely nowhere, aren’t they?

Ohh I’m hearing ya!!!

One minute you’re sweet as, living fully from a place of high vibes and possibility where everything feels amazing and thinking maybe you can have your dreams after all and you can’t wipe the smile of your face, and then next minute, you’re comparing yourself to every single ‘successful’ person on social media, judging the shit out of yourself, telling yourself you’re far from good enough and feeling lost, confused, up in your head, deep in self-doubt and most of all, disconnected and alone.

On the surface, you’re living a pretty sweet gig, but it’s starting to feel a little empty. It feels as though you’re just going through the day-to-day motions, ticking off all the boxes, doing what you ‘should’ be doing and left confused and thinking, ‘is this really it?’

Behind the scenes you’re dreaming up a different way of being.  
Even though everything is fine on paper, something just feels off.

It feels like some part of you on the inside isn’t all in on this life you’re running on the outside.

You’re grateful for all you have – I mean things are pretty good and you have nothing to really ‘complain about’, but when you get real about it, you know you’re not satisfied or fulfilled. You know this isn’t really cutting it for you anymore.

It’s feels… uninspiring.

You don’t feel energised and excited for life anymore.

You don’t feel creative or confident either.

You just always feel like something is missing and you’re wondering if something is wrong with you because;

A) You suddenly feel disconnected from most of the people around you – even your closest friends don’t feel the same as they used to. You feel you’re about to explode and want to tell them all of these crazy amazing things you’re discovering and feeling, but the conversation seems to always be the same. Superficial same old shit, and you feel like you’re not even being the real you anymore. You’re craving deep soul connection that lights you up, and this isn’t it.

B) You know the person you really want to be – happy, confident, passionate, on purpose and buzzin’ with aliveness – but that feels so far away and you just don’t know HOW or where to start, so you convince yourself to stay in that soul-sucking job / relationship / environment just a little bit longer until you figure it out (ok so you’ve been saying that for months, maybe even YEARS now and enough is enough!)

C) You have lost your confidence and inner spark because you don’t really feel valued, appreciated, heard, or truly seen by those around you, even when you know you have so much to offer the World and so much love to give, yet no one is really noticing so it makes you doubt yourself, lose confidence in who you are and you feel downright confused with what to do and how to ever get that spark back.

D) You believe you need to change who you are or be ‘more perfect’ before you allow yourself to really go for what you want and put yourself out there to make your mark in the World, or you think ‘when I have this – then I’ll be enough’.

E) Even though things ‘look good on paper’, you sure as hell aren’t feeling free, happy, connected, or the way you really want to feel.

You feel so frign READY for change, for happiness, for the real YOU to be seen – soo much that you think you might actually explode on the inside, or scream, or crazy dance because you feel so trapped and disconnected from who you really want to be, yourself.

Butttttt instead of doing something about it you bite your tongue, keep your mouth closed, slowly die on the inside and pretend you’re all good because how dare you rock the boat a bit.

Here’s what I know right now, all you need is someone to look you in the eye, pour a bucket load of belief back into you, give you the green light to back yourself, take the leap and show the World who you really are.

Well, that person is me!

I’ll give you full-heart permission to open up and rock out as YOU.

I’ll help awaken a sense of courage in you that you didn’t know you had to show up for the life you dream of before you think you’re ready.

I’ll support you in transitioning away from things that just don’t light you up anymore and help you realign the outside with what it is you really want – not what everyone else says you ‘should’ do.

I’ll ignite a fire in you that allows you to own your dreams and make them happen from wherever you are right now, just as I have done myself.

I’ll help you navigate your way back to your true, radiant self.

I’ll teach you how to trust and believe in yourself enough to let go of shit that doesn’t light your soul on fire anymore, and to guide you towards finding out what does.

I’ll help you tap back into your creative spark, connect to your own inner voice and start living a purposeful, passionate life in whatever way that rings true for you.

My No BS style brings a sweet mix of;
Practical AND Intuitive
Fire AND Flow
Action AND Compassion
Masculine AND Feminine

Depending on your own personal needs, I bring a sweet combination of coaching, powerful Kundalini Yoga breathwork, meditations, energy work, visualisation, journaling activities, and a No fluff – fierce love approach to helping you rock out as YOU in this lifetime.

Show me your hearts vision and I’ll show you the way to make it happen.

Not sure if you’ve got what it takes to live the life you really want to live?

Let’s blow that shit out of the water once and for all.

Feeling overwhelmed because you have so many ideas and don’t know where the hell to start?

Let’s break it down and take it one day at a time (note, once you get clear and make an aligned decision to change things, don’t be surprised at how fast the Universe works to back you up)

Comparing yourself to everyone else and feeling not good enough to even begin?

You’re better than that sweet thing, let’s clear that out once and for all so you’ll be too busy cranking your light ON and UP to be stuck comparing.

Feel like your dreams are SO far away that they feel impossible and you have 130 excuses on why you can’t even before you try?

Yup, ain’t nobody got time for that anymore. I strongly believe your dream life is only a few ballsy decisions away, and I’m here to help you make and take them.

Living two lives is exhausting AF (trust me, I know!!)

Everything is a bit of a blur and making decisions is almost impossible because your head pulls you one direction, and your heart gently nudges you the other way. And you just end up confused and do nothing instead!

But let’s get real, deep down you already know there’s more. More to this life and a whole lot more inside you to give to the World that hasn’t yet been cracked open. You know you have a deeper purpose and there’s a part of you bubbling underneath the surface that’s about to blow if you don’t change something, and soon!

You really can feel loved, purposeful, connected, inspired, creative, and LIT UP every day of your life and you WILL with the right kind of support, believe me.

During the three months that we work one on one together:

▵ The focus is 100% on you so you can lay it all out on the table to me before we begin nudging you closer to what your heart really wants to create and do (this is the wicked fun bit!)

▵ We will get super duper clear on what is and what isn’t working for you anymore and courageously clear out some crap to shift what needs to go

▵ You will learn how to tune in, believe in yourself and take action on what your heart reallllly wants, starting NOW.

▵ We take a good look at those outdated beliefs and upper limits, which have kept you in the same old unsatisfying cycle and spice it the hell up with some way more badass ones!

▵ We will re-define success and happiness on your own terms, not someone else’s version

▵ You learn how to tune into and be guided by a deeper part of yourself (your very wise intuition, that is) and how to tell when your ego (fear) is taking the driver’s wheel again and keeping you in a negative spiral and getting you no-where

I work with women who:

▵ Are constantly in a head to heart tug-o-war and don’t know which way to turn, let alone, who to listen to

▵ Are after a no BS approach to creating a life that aligns with their heart and feels flippin’ good, not the age-old ‘but I should do this’ gig

▵ Are in the middle of a life transition and are freaking the heck out and need support realigning to who they really are

▵ Seek more purpose, passion and rad joy in their life, even if it feels really far away and maybe even impossible right now

▵ Are creatives, entrepreneurs, teachers, or want to get cracking with an idea that’s been hot on their hearts for years but they just can’t seem to figure out the ‘how’ to actually make it possible, or they’ve been sitting around thinking ‘if it’s meant to happen it will’ for too long now and it’s time to take ACTION!

▵ Have lost their spark and confidence, feel disconnected from their true selves and want to bust through the ‘smog’ and to make something epic of their lives

▵ Have an inner calling to do something of service and help others in this lifetime but aren’t sure on the how

▵ Have soo much they want to do, but are soo overwhelmed by the thought of where to start, comparing to everyone else’s shiny shit leaving them not feeling enough, and paralysed with fear that they do nothing and can’t find the fire and drive to just frign get things done! (Hello self-doubt disguised as procrastination)

Our 3-month journey together includes:

▵ 6 x 60-75min Skype sessions (once a fortnight) where we dive into the good stuff, plan your next steps and work through your current blocks

▵ Energy and visualisation work specific to your individual needs

▵ In-between actions, journal activities and Kundalini Yoga meditations to help you release fear, reconnect to your heart + bust through the blocks to actually getting shit DONE

▵ Guidance card readings each session

▵ Unlimited email support between sessions

▵ Bonus goodies from me along the way

Prior to our first session together, you will also receive a questionnaire to complete so we can both get clear on exactly where you’re at, what’s keeping you here and get you to where you really want to be.

Think of me as your new number 1 cheerleader and BS callin’ bestie, who will awaken something in you that maybe no one has seen before, and will be the one who will never ever let you settle for less than what you’re downright worthy and capable of in this lifetime.

Let’s make shit happen, together.

It’s super important that we vibe well before we make the commitment to rock some magic together. I offer a complimentary 20 minute Skype session to meet and chat before we make it official and see if we are a good match.

Here’s what I know for sure, NOTHING changes in your life until you show up and take action – especially when it scares the shit outta you! And I know that first hand, trust me.

I’m SO excited to meet you!

From our very first coaching session, I had aha-moments that changed the way I viewed myself and propelled me into inspired action.

I began working with Tracey after many years of self-work and spiritual growth. I’d read all the right books, was very self-aware, had a number of ‘people-helping’ qualifications, and yet I wasn’t helping the one person who needed it most; me! I was stuck in a rut of self-sabotage; afraid of not being good enough, ready enough or worthy enough of the level of success I dreamed of. Movement toward my goals was an uphill battle; I’d lost my creative juice and needed support, accountability and a good kick-up the a** to move through the resistance. Then along came Tracey… thank God for Tracey, truly.

From our very first coaching session, I had aha-moments that changed the way I viewed myself and propelled me into inspired action. With Tracey’s support, each week brought new levels of understanding, confidence, joy, trust and clarity into my life… After coaching with Tracey, my life completely transformed. I felt empowered. I loved and believed in myself. I felt aligned with my truth and deeply connected to what brings me most joy. And I still do. The transformation in my relationship with myself and the resulting decisions I make on a daily basis has been immeasurable and truly priceless.


Tracey literally transformed my life.

I started working with her when I was in a big slump – working a job I didn’t vibe with and having just finished my yoga teacher training but lacking confidence and drive to take the plunge into this work.

With Tracey’s help, I made some huge changes in my life. She helped me see my own strengths, and she pushed me to be better organised. With her help I created a beginners yoga course and sold it out within 2 weeks. I started taking studio teaching jobs and transitioned into full time yoga teacher life. It went deeper than this, Tracey helped me get clear on what’s important to me – in relationships, friendships and life.

With Tracey on board, I felt supported through huge changes. She empowered to do things I never would have. To say she’s had an immense impact on my life would be an understatement. If there is any facet of your life you are uncertain of, Trace is your girl. She’ll get digging and help you realise what you want and stand in your corner while you go for it.


I reached out to Trace when I hit my rock bottom.

Just over a year ago now, my daughter was about to turn one and I was about to return to work after a year off for maternity leave. I was stuck; I did not know who I was and what I wanted with my life. Through coaching with Trace, she made me dig deep within myself; find out what was missing and what I wanted in my life. She gave me tips, tricks and tools get myself back on track and living in my truth, full of joy and love.

She introduced me to essential oils, these powerful little bottles of love from Mother Nature, I believe played a huge role in my loving my body and myself after having a baby. They have been an integral part of my life ever since. Along with the oils came a sisterhood the most beautiful, amazing and inspiring women have come into my life since my heart has been cracked open.

Tracey has inspired me, nurtured me and given me heavy truth bombs and kicks up the arse when I’ve needed them. She has been a shining light in my life, I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with her and create the life I have been longing to live. Thank YOU beautiful.


Tracey helped me believe in myself.

I am so grateful for having had the support of Tracey for the past three months. She really helped me to believe in myself, to shine and to really open up to what can be in store for me. It’s been a life changing process and she inspired, supported and guided me along the way. Without her I would not have achieved setting up my own business and website in what I am passionate about. It’s easy to get stuck in self-limiting thoughts, but Tracey was so gently but honestly guiding me on my path. I can’t wait to really start this journey and see what unfolds!

Thanks a million Trace!


I reached out to Tracey when my life was feeling really flat and unsure what to do next.

I felt pretty good, cruising along – I just wasn’t feeling inspired for life. I’d considered coaching with Trace a few times but kept shoving the thoughts to the side in a “there’s nothing wrong with me, I’m super happy. Why the hell would I need someone to coach me about life?” kind of attitude.

Trace opened me up to a whole new way of thinking and a whole new perspective on life. Our conversations were always beyond inspiring and motivating. She’s as quick to pull you up and call bullshit as she is to reach out and offer support when you need it. And she does this with this insane intuition that she deploys 100% to help her sisters, which is what you become once you work with her.

Chances are if you’re reading this then you already have the curiosity, or the energy pull, to connect and work with Trace. Do yourself a favour and do it! It will change your life.


Within weeks Tracey had me removing my fears one by one.

I was a passionate little miss that was always busy trying on many hats, but was riddled with fear to really take action and make things happen. Within weeks Tracey had me removing my fears one by one, gaining clarity, curiosity and determination to get where I wanted to be. She had instantly became a friend and an accountability partner. If I were to name one highlight of my coaching experience, it would be the unforgettable support getting through my biggest public speaking event. This lady whips so many tips and tricks out of her back pocket I certainly could not have gotten through the experience without her. I would highly recommend coaching with Tracey to anyone who is feeling stuck and wanting to push through fear to get closer to the life they really want.