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Are you freakin’ out about not knowing your purpose?

Some of my clients over the last week have been asking me how I found my ‘purpose’. It seems that a lot of people are worried that they don’t know what their true purpose is yet, and have a sense of sadness that if they don’t discover it in the next 2 weeks then they are doomed. They get anxious when people ask ‘So, where do you see yourself in 12months, 2 years, 10 years?’ and they don’t really know the answer. (Or the answer scares them because they sure as hell don’t want it to be the same as where they are now but they don’t know what to do about it!) Cue frustration, comparison, over-analysing, and a couple freaking-the-shit-out moments, especially when you see other people rocking it in their flow zone and you wonder why you don’t feel that fired up about things like they do.


So let me share a couple of steps from my experience of ‘finding my purpose.’

Step 1 – Follow your freakin’ heart. And first up, this means that you’ve actually got to get to know what your heart wants. Like really wants. Not what you think it wants (aka what your head tells you that you ‘should’ do). Not what your parents want, or your friends, or your dog, or your neighbour – but what YOUR heart wants. You’ve got to do the inner work, but the truth is that most of us already know what we want to do, but we don’t want to admit it to ourselves because we are scared of what might happen if we fully owned it… maybe you won’t be the ‘cool cat’ anymore and will have to put yourself out there in places that you’ve judged others for being in the past. Gasssssp!

Step 2 – Let go of the ‘how it should look’ shit. I’ve always had an inner calling to teach, but never as a school teacher, and for a while that frustrated the crap outta me because if I wasn’t a school teacher then how the bloody heck would I teach? After doing my own inner work and letting go of a lotttt of stuff, and in figuring out how to unapologetically do step 1 – it started unfolding very quickly. You will always be guided – if you take the time to listen and stop getting in your own way! I randomly felt the call to start a blog on my 22nd birthday. None of my friends were blogging and I didn’t even know what a blog was, but I just felt the call to start and decided I would figure it out as I went. A year later I randomly landed on a website and before I could even think twice I had enrolled into a course to become a Life Coach, even though at the time I didn’t even know what a Life Coach was. Looking back now, that course was the foundation for me to become a teacher. A teacher in my own way, by my own rules.

I now teach woman how to follow their hearts, shake a few of their old limits and excuses up, and teach them to start living their purpose too. I don’t teach in a school – I teach through my writing and my videos. I teach through workshops, I teach through online courses, I teach about Essential oils, and I will soon be teaching Kundalini Yoga. Each of these stepping stones has allowed me to now step into a higher purpose of mine – teaching ‘everyday’ women how to be heart-driven leaders and create change in the World. I mean seriously – do you think I thought it was going to look like this 4 years ago when I was completely lost, studying something because I thought I ‘should’ and being very far from being connected to my heart – HELL NO. Which leads me to…

Step 3 – Stay open and surrender. The truth is that you actually already know. Seriously, you do. You know the answers, but you let your head judge them, think they aren’t ‘good enough’, compare them to others, worry what people will think, or feel guilty for wanting what you really want. You already know you are here to be more then a blob, and to make a difference in other peoples lives in some way. And if you didn’t know that yet, then I just reminded you. Your purpose doesn’t need to be on a World stage in front of everyone – some people’s purpose will be to be out on stage and and some people’s won’t be. There is no difference (although your Ego will try to convince you that there is) and there absolutely is no ‘but their’s is better so mine sucks and isn’t really that good so I won’t bother’. I call BS hard on that one.

Step 4 – Meditate on your purpose. Visualise yourself serving at your full capacity. Meditate on you beaming in your absolute element – and hey, the vision you get back may surprise you. What are you doing? How do you feel? Who is there? Don’t judge it, and sure as hell don’t block it by your mind being all ‘as IF you could do that, who are you kidding mate?’ Set the intention to be open to receiving, to be open to seeing yourself in a new way. Let go of limited self-perceptions and let your heart lead on this one. Ask for guidance, stay open and you will always receive.

Step 5 – Remember that when you take away all the labels and bright-lights, your ultimate purpose is joy. Teaching, speaking, seeing others shine, speak up and honour their hearts – THAT brings my soul the most joy, and I’ll never stop. It might keep evolving, and how it ‘looks’ on the outside might change, but this is my zone. Why? Because it’s where I feel most joyful, passionate, connected to my heart, most in service and most ME.

Step 6 – Stop letting shitty excuses convince you that you can’t do what you’re here to do. Money is an easy excuse from your Ego to keep you from following your heart and living your purpose. Not having enough time is an excuse. Not knowing enough is an excuse. Worrying that you might lose friends over it is an excuse. You either find an excuse or you find a way. Divorce all the silly stories keeping you away from who you are here to be.

Your purpose will find you when you just be YOU.

So take a chill pill, rock out as you, and soon enough you’ll find yourself leading a tribe of hundreds in what feels like the blink of an eye with people’s hearts cracking open right before your very eyes.  Just sayin’.

One last thing that I want you to know is that the most powerful thing you can be when finding your purpose is OPEN, and the most powerful place you can live when looking for your purpose is in the NOW.

So are you open, now?

6 ways to start serving the World NOW.

6 Ways To Start Serving The World NOW!I am constantly counting my lucky stars to be surrounded by some incredible lightworkers in the form of healers, coaches, teachers, spiritual mentors, and beautiful people with huge hearts wanting to serve and bring more light to this World. I look to them constantly with a goose-bumpy heart knowing the ripple effects of light they are each creating in the World. However, what I’ve come to realise is that many constantly struggle with the fear of not carrying out their purpose, not reaching enough people with their messages, not thinking their messages are enough, or just being scared by the constant people-pleasing saga that will leave us over-analysing and perfecting everything soo much that even when we finally put it out there to serve- it still doesn’t feel right… (or real?!)

The thing is, our Ego has tricked us in to believing that serving the World needs to be a big whiz-bang show and that we aren’t ‘doing it right’ until everyone on the planet knows about it. So once again- I’m calling bullshit.

Serving the World starts from the moment you are in the vibration of your joy.

Your own Ego is the story teller making you believe that each moment of light you bring to the World is not enough to be carrying out your mission and serving. I want to make it clear that one person serving the World in their truth could mean having 100k followers and sold out events- which is awesome. Another person serving the World in their truth could be working with a clients 1:1- which is awesome. Another way could be sharing a story to your friend or lending them a book that you know has the power to shift their mindset and create a miracle in their life- which is awesome.

In truth, there are no pedestal’s and no who does it ‘better’s- we each do an equally epic job and remember that we are ALL on the same team each doing our part in alignment with OUR own truth, the rest is just the minor details.

6 ways to start serving the World NOW;

+ Be a good vibe generator– My mantra that instantly pulls me out of any littleness or negativity is – “It stops at me”. The gossip, the nastiness, the blame, the judgement, the littleness- commit to it stopping at you- as best you can. And this can be tricky at times because our Ego’s want us to go along with the crowd, and get caught up in the littleness and the BS. Truth knows better than that. Stop the crap at YOU- even if that means walking away, even if that means unfollowing people that cause drama on facebook, even if that means speaking up and standing up for truth- then commit to it. Serve the World NOW by stopping the negativity at you, and be the good vibe generator.  (more…)

Why I became a Life Coach

In April I graduated as a Beautiful You Life Coach from Julie Parker’s Beautiful You Coaching Academy (BYCA). It was THE best decision I’ve ever made when I took the leap of faith and signed up. At the time I found the course, I was back at Uni for the second time, and didn’t feel the inspired tug on my heart that I thought I would have been getting by now- so I pulled out the day I found Julie’s BYCA.

For most of us- all we ever want is to figure out ‘our purpose,’ and to know that we are doing what we came here to do! It can be frustrating, and overwhelming when you know there is just something else for you but you don’t know what it is yet, and everyone else seems to have it all figured out- or they just don’t get the whole ‘soul purpose’ thingy. I was in this boat bigtime before I found coaching- or before coaching found me.

A lot of my friends have been asking me recently “What made you decide you wanted to be a coach?” and “How did you know coaching was for you?”

And to be honest, when I signed up for the course I wasn’t exactly sure what it meant to be a life coach, but I reply with the fact that I knew I was being guided and I trusted that gut feeling of mine more than ever before.

It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I realised how much ‘coaching’ I’d already been doing in my life;

+ In Year 4 I voluntarily read a book to the class that would help them understand homesickness.

+ In Year 5 I learnt the dance routine to an S Club 7 song (oh yeah!) in my own time and then taught the whole class because it was fun.

+ In Year 7 I was a head girl at our Primary School and would speak at assemblies about Bullying.

+ In Year 8 I wrote letters to my new friends telling them how awesome they are.

+In Year 10 I went and sat with a girl at lunch that no one else wanted to sit with so she wouldn’t be on her own.

+ In Year 12 I was voted a House Captain and always spoke to encourage people to do their best.

Looking back on these moments that I hadn’t really thought much about in previous times, I realised this;

Your patterns will lead you to your purpose.