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I see you girl.

You’ve got a heart of pure freakin’ gold, and you already know it.

Maybe you’ve just been unsure of what to do with it, or maybe you’ve just forgotten about it, or you’ve been dimming it down because of ‘logical’ bullshit, or comparison, or lack of belief in yourself to do anything about it.

But here’s what I know, right now as you are, you’re a healer. An inspirer. A leader. A born lightworker.

And I can spot you a frign mile away because you’re just like me, but in your own beautiful way.

Deep down you’ve always known that you are here to serve others in some way. To lead, to teach, to inspire, to bring people together for the greater healing of the World.

You just want to help people!

You have always been a natural leader in your own way. It’s blindly obvious to others, and it’s kinda now becoming pretty obvious to you. It’s been brewing.

You’re the ‘positive’ one. You’re the one that always seems to step up and lead the pack in a way that includes everyone.

You’re the one who is always wanting to bring everyone together.

You’re the one that wants to help people believe in themselves and to make a difference in the lives of others.

You’re the one that loves seeing other women shine and empowering other women is very important to you.

You’re super driven to achieve the biggies, and when you set your mind to something, you’re lit up and you’re ALL in on making it happen. Because even though you’ve got big dreams and your head in the clouds, you’re not afraid of hard work and getting your hands dirty isn’t an issue for you.

It doesn’t tire or bore you – it energises you. It ignites you. It fuels your soul.

People around you always comment on how inspiring and positive you are, but it’s just who you are and you don’t understand why you wouldn’t be like that.

But maybe right now what you really want to be doing is not quite your reality, yet.

You daydream about leading, serving, helping humanity, donating to charity, creating, making a difference in the World – that’s the real shit that lights you up. It’s like you’ve done it in a past life or something…

You look at women out there empowering others and teaching Sister Circles and leading, and you’ve always had a little tug on your heart feeling that it’s something you want to do too, even though you’re thinking ‘Could I do that too? Am I good enough to do that? What the heck would I even talk about’

Truth is, you have a lot to talk about. A lot to share. A lot to GIVE.

You just need the BELIEF in your gifts, the PLATFORM for your message, and the SUPPORT  of an epic tribe to get you going. You already know in your heart it’s true for you, and you’re intuition is only getting louder and louder and LOUDER.

And your current situation isn’t really exciting you as much as you want it to.

And that’s exactly why you’ve landed here. Because you have a bigger purpose that wants, and needs, to be birthed. Like…. now.

As an award-winning Life Coach, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and now a passionate and fired-up doTERRA leader, I am currently opening my heart up to training a group of women into teachers and leaders alongside me on my team, and I want to share with you exactly why.

Ever since starting my personal journey with doTERRA essential oils and receiving the healing of these divine high vibin’ gifts of Mother Earth, I’ve been connecting them with as many women as possible who are also ready to receive their healing and support themselves on all levels – physically, mentally, energetically, spiritually, emotionally.

But I’ve now found a bigger purpose with doTERRA that is really important to me. A deeper calling that’s always been on my heart, but I’ve never known how to do it – and that is to help create heart-driven teachers and feminine leaders.




So what the heck has doTERRA got to do with creating teachers?

I deeply believe that the doTERRA collaborative business model is a platform to start using your heart, your voice, gifts and passion to start leading, teaching, serving and elevating others right now, without needing to be anyone but your beautiful self.

Not only do I vibe hard with dT’s heart-driven mission and commitment to sharing the benefits of pure therapeutic-grade essential oils to connect each of us back to nature, I’m also moved by the work they are doing to directly impact and support farming communities through ethical and sustainable practices across the World through co-impact sourcing (40% being third-World countries – watch here ), the way they are partnering with and supporting Operation Underground Railroad (OUR Rescue) to rescue children around the World from sex trafficking and slavery (watch here) and the numerous way in which they are serving the greater good through their Healing Hands Foundation.

In my eyes, it is a company for women to work together to create a bigger impact and serve at a greater capacity, and we ALL have the ability to contribute on a greater scale through this model.

It’s not competition, it’s collaboration.

And I’m not the leader, WE are the leaders.

I sure as hell don’t want to be limited in my serving or giving capacity, ever. And I have a not so funny feeling that you don’t want to be either.

I don’t want to keep hiding behind a screen when I know that my light is needed, and most powerful, out in the World in front of other women. I don’t want to see women not serving the way the want to because they think they need to stay stuck at a job that doesn’t allow them to shine and use their heart’s gifts to their full potential. I don’t want to see women bored and uninspired by their lives, or living in lack because the World needs women (and men) earning more so that they can give more – of their light, their gifts, their creativity, their hearts.

And if you want to really do the work you want to do here – or just living a life more in alignment with your value and passions – then you’ve got to own the fact that you need to be fully supported first on all levels to do it.

I don’t ever want to just be a coach that appears on a pedestal that you feel separate from – (the thought of that makes me feel sick actually) – I want us to be a team of teachers and leaders rising together, impacting side by side as equals.

I know you’ve already got an inner calling to speak, teach, inspire, lead and give in big ways, and you have a passion and purpose beyond just you– and this is a way in which you can plug in, feel supported, awaken your skills and gifts, earn what you deserve, be supported in your higher calling, bust through some fears to get moving and get out in the World to share your heart’s message and start earning in alignment with your passion.

Because writing inspiring posts on Facebook isn’t enough for you,  me either homegirl.

You want to get out into the World to connect and create.


Anyone is welcome (your heart and your willingness to serve is your qualification) and you will learn the skills to start teaching and earning now. That is my exact intention; to provide the support and structure to get women into their power as teachers and creating an impact as quickly as possible.

And I believe, one by one, the ripples start and that’s how we’re going to change thousands of lives together.

My leadership style?

Equal parts action AND allowing.

Focus AND flow.

Sweat AND surrender.

Masculine AND feminine.

Grounded AND wildly open.

Fire AND fierce frign love.

I don’t vibe with shiny perfect fake shit, real and raw every day please.


We’ll be a sweet fit if;

  • You have a strong desire to help others and you’re not afraid of doing the work
  • You’ve always wanted to create a life and business more in alignment with passion, purpose, creativity, freedom and contribution.
  • You’re open to using your gifts in a new, different way, and willing to learn new things – come as a beginner and soak it up.
  • You’re frustrated at the level you’re at and you’re craving change, maybe a challenge or two and collaboration
  • You want to get moving and make your dreams happen, like, yesterday.
  • You are in a job that doesn’t light you up and you want to feel passionate, excited and inspired by what you do.
  • You want to make a bigger impact on the World, you just haven’t had the resources yet to create what your heart really wants to create
  • You want to create an income teaching women’s workshops and Sister circles – either an additional income stream or replace your current one
  • You care about Mother Earth and connecting people back to nature with Essential Oils – and you’re willing to learn more about them
  • You know you have a higher purpose, and you’ve been waiting for the platform to get moving with it
  • You want to grow into your full potential as a person, and also a leader, teacher and speaker – this doesn’t mean you need to stand on a stage in front of hundreds by the way… this can be done in a way that feels most exciting (and a little scary) to you.
  • You want to work with other epic, empowered women who are on a mission to serve too and are out there actually doing it, not just talking about it
  • You’re sick of sitting around waiting for the right time to make a change in your life
  • You’re self-responsible, committed, hard-working, excited and willing to learn, and grateful for any opportunity to make a difference in the World
  • You value personal development and want to grow yourself in new ways
  • Your heart aches to help other women – through healing, supporting them, seeing them bust through fears and succeed, bringing them together, rising together
  • You are willing to get out of your own way, bust through some fears and doubts and create the life you actually want
  • You don’t want to be in the exact same place you are now in a year’s time.


And even if you don’t really know why just yet, you already feel buzzy in your heart just reading about this.

And I’m all about the real-talk – this is a transformational journey. Not an overnight trip to the top, just as the journey from Head to Heart requires time, patience and a little elbow-grease too.



So what if I have never taught before or don’t know anything about Essential Oils?

Did you always know how to tie your shoe-lace? Not until you learnt to.

So that’s where I come in to train, support and equip you with the skills and the confidence to start teaching and building your business.

And I’ll give you a not so secret reminder – you already have EVERYTHING you need.

You’ll be rocking YOU, not me.

You’ll be given all the resources you need to get going, however you’ve got to show up for it too and do the work!

Here’s a rough guide of my Teacher Training and how we will work together over the coming weeks to get you into your power and to get your business moving.


+ Getting clear on what you actually want for your life (freedom to do things you love, your passions, bigger purpose etc)

+ Meet your new doTERRA Sisters (aka Family / Squad / Soulies who have your back and are in for the journey with you!)

+ Self-responsibility – committing to your dreams and eliminating comparison from Day 1

+ Actions in alignment with what you want – taking the fluff out and excuses out and and making it happen

+ Eliminating distractions and learning the power of focused energy – weekly schedules, fine-tuning your spiritual practice + conscious creating activities


(VIDEO BONUS – Being ready for the expansion/contraction fears that will come up. Watch this video when they come up to sabotage and distract you)



+ Understanding the divine opportunity we have and the power of our doTERRA Business Model in making a greater impact on the World together as a tribe.

+ Letting yourself be supported in your higher purpose – you have a higher calling and you don’t have to do it alone. Together we rise.

+ Breaking it down and understanding the doTERRA Compensation Plan like the back of your hand – because the beauty of it is the more lives you change, the greater the reward (#dream). Committing to the life you want.

+ Being proud AF to be a part of this company and the work they are doing for the World



+ Aligning with the values + higher mission of doTERRA

+ Guess what? It’s not about you.

+ What is dT’s higher mission and your part in helping them

+ Connecting your heart with the Healing Hands foundation

+ Being proud of supporting Co-impact sourcing



+ Oils 101 – preparation for teaching

+ Get out of the freakin’ way and shine your own unique light

+ Integrity and transparency; aka droppin’ your ego like it’s going out of fashion

+ Using and owning YOUR unique gifts and style – your presence is your power

+ Class intentions and energy





+ Who is your tribe? Who are you being?

+ Expanding your mind beyond limitations

+ Self-Sabotage – How, when and why?

+Ego vs Heart – Knowing how to transmute negative thoughts and fear-based thinking fast and stay aligned with your vision.

+ Using your Intuition – calling in your tribe, attracting your leaders/teachers/sisters.

+ Drawing out your own Leadership Skills



+ Cleaning up your thoughts and energy with money

+ Raising your vibration with money and being conscious with it – money tracking activities

+ Manifesting and increasing your self-worth

+ Grounding your vision into the now

+ Kundalini Meditation to clear blocks and open to the divine flow of prosperity and opportunity.


+ How to balance and co-create with both in this Business Model

+ Overcoming ‘Fear of Success’



I’ve created this Teacher Training because seeing a woman in her power, shining her light, using her gifts, connecting to others, and teaching from her heart and being completed supported to do the work she is here to do – is a dream to me.

And that is my drive and my intention – to get women out into the real World, out from behind the computer screen, out from jobs that leave them stagnant and bored and unfulfilled, to teaching and serving and earning more to put them in the position to give more.

If this has been a vision of yours but you haven’t ever known how, or if you’re already a coach but are open and ready to let your skills and gifts to manifest in a new way, then let’s chat.

How do you get amongst and be a part of this training with me? 

If you want to become a teacher and a leader in my doTERRA Sisterhood and create a business that supports the life you really want, then please fill out your details below so that we can hook up a chat, or email me direct over at hello@traceyspencer.com.au

You will need to purchase your Home Essentials Kit (you can do so here) to get started and join my Teacher Training.

++ Please note this training is for women not already working with doTERRA ++



You will also have a fortnightly 1:1 accountability call with me to keep you moving, bust through them fears and to brainstorm your next moves.

Please note: you do not have to have any experience with business or a social media platform of any kind to start this, that will just be a bonus. And you do not have to be living in Australia – I’ll do my very best to accomodate for different timezones.

My vision is to have 10 Teachers in their power, using their gifts, running their dream business, earning what they deserve and shining their light more than ever before (not hiding from it) – and I hope you’ll be one of them.

I can’t wait to see you rock this shit, and to have some frign FUN together.