+ This post is a preview of what you can expect from Week 3 of my 8 week Head to Heart ecourse. Week 3 is where we start to cozy up and get to know the cheeky little negative voice in our heads +

How often does your mind jump on and attack others when you don’t get things your own way? How about when someone is pointing the blame at you for something and you instantly get fired up and offended and your mind starts to automatically attack back before you even know it is? And most of the time these thoughts are really negative and you swear they aren’t really yours?

Facing attack with more attack is one of the cheeky ways your mind keeps you in fear and separates you from love. Unconsciously attacking back in your mind only fuels and feeds your Ego’s (that crazy loud voice in your head that gets high on chaos and has a lifelong desire to always be right) fire and once again keeps you from your power of peace.

“Yeah but they did this first”, “Yeah but he’s not even that good looking anyway so I don’t care”, “Yeah well who cares what she thinks” – see how easy your mind can use attack and judgement as a defence mechanism when you get jealous, angry or are feeling not as good as someone else. The Ego creates this chaos and will keep making up excuses to bring others down to make you feel better. Always needing to be right and feel validated is the Ego’s work at its best!

When you look at this trick from a new perspective, you can start to realise that each time you have the desire to fight back, it’s not you running the show, it’s your Ego. It wants to keep firing up and dragging you down into this low energy of fear and negativity, which as you will have probably experienced before only leaves you feeling frustrated and frantic. Attacking back in your mind (and out loud) is seriously just like two angry dogs (ego’s) barking at each other and trying to play tough guy. 

Can you also see how talking down about others and gossiping about them (another form of attacking) is simply your Ego’s tool to pump itself up to make you feel better? It’s a vicious cycle – and one that we all do easily and unconsciously. Now is the time to witness your Ego’s attacks, and rise above them by bringing acceptance and love to the table instead. This is not always easy, and your Ego will fire up and fight hard against the idea, so be extra compassionate and keep letting go one moment at a time with the tools you have learnt so far. 

Again – you have to get brutally honest with your mind’s games here, which sometimes only cranks it up more! Simply laugh at your Ego’s littleness in these moments when it needs to keep fighting back and creating more chaos. It will come first and loudest so always check in and ask yourself – is this fueling my head or my heart?

Don’t beat yourself up or judge these attack thoughts that comes from nowhere and flare up in your mind because we all do this! It’s our unconscious pattern, and it’s time to consciously start breaking it down. Just become aware of when these thoughts arise, and use every opportunity you get to choose again and strengthen your commitment to bringing the love and peace, not the attack!

MANTRA: I can witness my attack thoughts and rise above them with love.

Notice today where your mind wants to fight back with more attack. Notice where you get easily offended and take things personally, or over-analyse something that someone said to you and let a story run wild in your mind about how they are always out to get you (classic Ego craziness). Question what the hidden agenda of your Ego really is. Does it need to be right? Is it going into victim mode and thinking ‘poor me’? It is trying to start a fight and keep you low vibin’? 

At the end of the day reflect on today’s lessons in your journal.

What triggers my attack thoughts?

Why do I attack back? 

How does attacking back make me feel?

What fires up my Ego most?


++ This post is straight from ‘Week 3 – Oh hello, Ego!” of my 8 week Head to Heart ecourse where I’ll teach you how to turn down the volume of the voice in your head and crank UP the volume of the voice in your heart. If you’re living all ‘up in your head’ all the time, then it’s time to get out of your head and back into your heart, and this course is your way out! 

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