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noun: firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.

You know the “trust takes years to earn, seconds to break and forever to repair” (well something along those lines) quote? Well it has been playing on my mind a lot lately. I used to believe that trust meant being able to tell someone your deepest secret and trust they would not tell anyone else. Or when a parent trusts someone to look after their baby while they are out. It comes with great responsibility whether you actually realise that or not. Trust is a big deal. I would even go as far as saying it is an emotion. When you trust someone with something, you are trusting them with a feeling. You don’t know what will happen and yet you are putting something usually very valuable to you in their hands, and trusting that it will be fine.

 HOW is it so easy to put trust in other people and not put trust in ourselves???

It has become very evident in my life the last few months how valuable trust is. Not just in someone or something, but more importantly in myself.  Trust and belief to me are the same thing. Today I turned 23. I have turned over a new leaf in my journey- a leaf of always putting trust in myself.

A beautiful lady not so long ago told me this- “No Good, No Bad- No Right, No Wrong”

I think about that a lot. In every situation we think there is always a right or wrong decision to be made. We put pressure on ourselves to always making the right choices, when really there are no wrong choices. If we choose to do something and it doesn’t pan out the way we imagined, it does not make it a bad choice. In fact, I think it makes it a great choice- because now you know the answer to what you actually wanted to know in the first place- you just took the scenic route to get there.

So in honour of turning over a new leaf, whenever I am faced with a challenging situation that may require a leap out of my comfort zone- I promise to embrace the uncertainty, and to always put trust in myself that whatever comes out of it will be one hell of a fun adventure!!

After all, life is all about the journey. Isn’t it?

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