When you rise, a part of you dies.

In claiming our Power, an old part of us needs to die.

It can feel painful, awkward, wobbly, uncomfortable AF, weird, confusing, blank, empty, funky, or you just feel nothing in the ‘gap’ in between the has been and the not yet

When you kiss goodbye a vision that was once really true for you, but has now come to a completion of lessons and has reached its Earths expiry date, the tools you collected along the way are now needed and ripe to use for something else that’s been pulling at your heart strings since the first time it was revealed to you in your minds eye, paired with tingles along your spine and a buzz in your belly like you’ve never felt before.

The creation process is non-linear and usually makes no logical sense to our mind’s deep desire and need to know every single detail before we begin.

If you need a permission slip to drop the judgement on yourself for saying goodbye to a part of your identity that your ego soo desperately wants to cling on to, than let this be a tap from your soul to lay down your swords, they aren’t needed here anymore.

Lean into her, she knows you even better than you do.

She knows exactly what you signed up for in this lifetime and she wants to reach for your hand and show you the way forward now.

Trust that whilst one part of you might feel like it is dying, another is bursting to come alive and be expressed.

And holy moly she is going to be GLORIOUS.